VW Polo Infotainment System Upgrade

Do you need a new Infotainment System to upgrade for the VW Polo? Well, we will give you all information that will help you during the process to find a great VW Polo infotainment system upgrade options! A good radio with built-in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support is the authentic RCD340 head unit.

How To Upgrade VW Polo Infotainment

The device also displays the OPS system and accepts reverse camera input. The UI is fairly easy to use, and the touchscreen is responsive. Even though the Maxidot Cluster is far more capable, this head unit merely transmits incoming caller information to it. We eventually decided to sell my RCD340 and get a Discover Media MIB 2 because BHPian Sarfraz and a few of my friends had already updated to better-sounding head units like the Composition Media, and most of them were delighted with the neater integration afforded by these head units.

VW Polo Infotainment System Upgrade Info

The Discover Media MIB 2 Head-main Unit’s attributes are:
(Comes with CD, SD Card, USB, and AUX Input)

  • External Roof Mounted Microphone for Better Phone Calls
  • External USB for Android Auto and CarPlay
  • Improved Maxdot Cluster integration, including navigation, phone logbook, media playback, current track, etc.
  • Assistance with radio station logos.
  • Offline VW navigation using an SD card with maps.
  • Assistance with OEM speakers, amplifiers, etc.
  • Faster processors
  • Menus with proximity sensors
New Upgrade Polo Idea

Off-Road mode, a sports lap timer, and a car menu that shows trip and vehicle information, such as for MQB automobiles.

  • Display the OPS and the reverse camera simultaneously.
  • Support for skins with multiple colors and themes, such as VRS, etc.

Radio Connector, Wiring! Important when you complete the VW Polo infotainment system upgrade! The RCD340’s connector is a QUADLOCK Connector, but a new quad lock is needed to install the MIB-2. The Quadlock has two separate rectangles for the USB and AUX ports. The camera signal pins are located at pins 6 and 12 of the blue rectangle, which is where the microphone cable attaches.

There may not be enough room behind the radio if you intend to use a converter for the current quad lock, but you may still make the necessary adjustments to make everything fit. The new microphone is currently installed in your Passat-style cabin light and is wired along the A-pillar, which is prone to breaking when removed.

The A-pillars had three clips and plastic holders previously, but only two were there after I removed them.
In older cars, these A-pillars would also receive insulation. I was able to obtain these two grey foam insulation inserts from a junk car. Volkswagen never fails to amuse when it comes to its ability to decrease costs.

Shark-fin OEM 6R Antenna

We enlarged the slot next to the indirect TPMS Set button (now inoperable) to install the USB port, and I removed the glovebox to route the wires.

The AUX and USB ports work as intended, however, regrettably, they cannot be installed as flush as the TPMS button. The Polo now includes a faux OEM Wireless CarPlay feature, which my folks adore using. In jest, my father remarked he would like a wireless charger and a heating seat next.

I then went ahead and installed the OEM shark fin antenna with a GPS provision. Since it mixes the standard rod with a shark fin base, this OEM shark fin antenna is not a perfect shark fin. But compared to earlier, this antenna’s reception is substantially stronger. In comparison to a couple of other GPS antennas, I tried with this head unit, it was picking up more GPS satellites.

Upgrade Option

The rear-most headliner trim must be removed to access the stock antenna, and if you don’t want to crease or wrinkle the headliner too much, access may be a little difficult.

You can also use VW calculator to reproduce lose car radio codes!

It’s a little tough to remove the bolt holding the stock antenna base to the top of the car without pulling and wrinkling the headliner too much, so I used a 21mm wrench.

Additional Help

The antenna may be simply unscrewed and hauled out from the top once this ring bolt is freed. Before removing the old antenna from the automobile, don’t forget to unplug the White Antenna connector:
This is how the antenna’s stock base looks, and this is where the rod is screwed in.

And this is how the new one appears; this is likely the sole instance in which it resembles a shark.

Other VAG antennas exist that are smaller and don’t require the old antenna rod, but I decided to remain with OEM specifications for the time being. This is an authentic 6R platform antenna that also features what appears to be a phone aerial.

Before tightening the antenna back, I cleaned and dried the mating roof surface and then went on to connect all connectors.

As per normal, the antenna was subjected to a water test, which it passed with flying colors.

Discover with the Discover Media! Although I’m not an audiophile, I thought the head unit’s sound quality was around 20% better than the RCD340, which isn’t a significant improvement.

VW Polo Infotainment System Upgrade

This head unit probably needs stronger speakers to feel comfortable. I don’t typically listen to music at high volumes, but at about 60%, the stock speakers start to cry. I hadn’t seen anything like this on the RCD340.

Observing how well the offline maps function with the cluster is particularly nice. The flawless turn-by-turn GPS navigation is a fantastic addition, and I wish VW had included it with our diesel Tiguan as well.

Media And Maps

Although the map data has certainly not yet reached Google Maps levels of quality, it has been improving rapidly. The last time I used a VW map was two years ago, but the one I downloaded from the Volkswagen website a few weeks ago seems to be reasonably accurate for most of the important highways in my city. Volkswagen appears to be working to improve the quality of its local map data.

Simply copy the maps to an SD Card after downloading them from the Volkswagen Global website. The navigation tool also adds a wonderful compass on the cluster that shows the direction I’m moving in with a letter. Additionally, the cluster has a specific website for this.

The way this head-unit feels in this automobile is what truly won me over. Because Google Assistant still has issues recognizing my friends’ names, it has improved the cluster’s functionality by enabling me to make calls without having to take my hands off the wheel.

There is a humorous anecdote related to this. As I was traveling, I encountered a short signal and kept my car in drive. And when I noticed an N in the cluster, I was surprised. When the selection was in D, I panicked and thought my car had switched to N, and I nearly believed my torque converter had failed. I didn’t realize for almost a minute that I was looking at the compass instead of the gear selector.

You can learn how to get Polo code for your car radio device too!

VW Polo Infotainment Upgrade
Discover Media

The following information about the VW Polo infotainment system upgrade will help you a lot for sure! My mother is still a lover of MP3s, so it’s nice to have some CD playback. I played a few of my older Kenny G CDs just for nostalgia’s sake, and even in this day and age of low bit rate and buffering streaming services, they sound fantastic. The glove box now houses Apple CarPlay access, which operates wirelessly without any cables protruding over the gearshift.

The OPS and back camera view combined is an additional great touch. When I’m moving backward, the complete camera screen is visible, and if an object is coming, the OPS unit overlays itself at the appropriate moment. This is a true blessing that works wonders.

The most recent version of Discover Media also has a few more features including a Sports Lap Timer Mode, and a Car Menu, which displays the Polo together with trip information, such as the amount of fuel left to fill the tank and other statistics. A Polo with bi-xenon headlights is on the screen.

Off-Road Mode is a function that displays the Steering Angle Sensor value. It also provides compass reading and engine temperature in three separate gauges. Although it’s helpful to have the steering angle, most experienced drivers can usually detect when the wheel is straight. If the Polo were to travel off-road, however, this information might be valuable. In conclusion, I’d say this isn’t that beneficial in the city. The Red VRS skin looks beautiful in the Polo. It is compatible with Discover Media, but I still prefer the original skin’s classic sophistication.

I think the Discover Media upgrade has improved my car’s overall sophistication, and I truly appreciate it. There are so many capabilities and hidden features on this head unit that occasionally I find something new to enable and try.

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