JVC KD-NX1R Radio Code Generator

Sometimes it can be a problem to get rid of your unwanted locked JVC KD-NX1R radio code screen. The truth is that nowadays many people solve the problem here with our customers unlocking the JVC KD-NX1R decoder. It’s an easy solution that you can have for free.

JVC KD NX1R Radio Code

Here you can get full aces to this online decoder platform directly from our website. Just by following simple procedure movements, you will remove this problem permanently. At the finish of this process, you will end up as the winner. Your JVC KD-NX1R radio will play music on radio stations and disks without any problems or breaking.

Simple go through the procedure below:

Unlock JVC KD-NX1R Radio Code Generating Procedure

To use the JVC KD-NX1R radio code generation decoder you will download the installation software firstly. You will need to visit the download section on this website from where you need to select and download the right decoder for you.


After successfully downloading the tool you need to install it on your PC device. Then you get a privileged connection with our online platform. Open it from the new icon that you will get and complete the steps:

  • Enter the JVC KD-NX1R radio serial number,
  • Then enter the security number,
  • Select the right year on production too,
  • After filling all information just click on the decode button,
  • So your original JVC KD-NX1R radio code will show up on your screen shortly!

Take this code and insert it into your locked JVC car radio device. The radio will then play music with all available operations without any possible restriction.

So if you have some problems with the generation and entering radio codes problem you are welcome to visit our youtube channel where you have video tutorials for any different car radio type.


Something else tormented you? So feel free to ask us questions by filling in comments at the bottom of this post!

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