Reset Ford Keyless Entry Without Factory Code Guide

Some Ford users can ask how to reset Ford keyless entry without factory code. It’s really important issue for all users that want to reprogram some codes or even to make some process without having the factory code.

How To Reset Ford Keyless Entry Without Factory Code

It’s very clear that you need to understand that this question have positive answer but your reset Ford keyless entry process without factory code depends from your exact model.

From model to model you have some different steps that you need to make on a different way. Our team that helps on all Ford users can help you too if you write us comment for that contains your true Ford model.

They will explain all steps just for your Ford model. Bellow you have several possibility that you have whit reset Ford keyless entry without factory code.

Get your factory Ford code by downloading the reset Ford generator available on our website which will allow you to use your original factory code. From here you can use it all explained bellow:

Reset Ford Keyless Entry Without Factory Code Possibilities

The reset Ford keyless entry procedure can offer you a lot. Bellow you have some advantages mentioned:

  • Lock the Ford car door
  • Unlock the Ford car door
  • Recall seats
  • Recall positions also
  • How to open the Ford car trunk too
  • Program personal entry Ford code
  • How to program erase personal entry Ford code also

All this issues you can make by answering simple how to reset Ford keyless entry without factory code. Really great right? Our team is here to help you just for your Ford car device that you love so much!

See something about this particular possibilities that we already mentioned above in this text.

About Unlock Or Lock The Doors

For solving this issue you need to press the five numbers from your personal Ford code. You must pay attention to not press the buttons very fast because you will not complete this process properly. Leave at least five second between two buttons touch.

Then the interior lamb will shine. The doors on your car will be unlocked in seconds. The process for locking the doors is the same by filling in the personal code too but at the end you need to press the buttons three and four in five seconds time difference.

So locking and unlocking doors is provided whit rest Ford keyless entry without factory code!

To open the Ford trunk without having the factory code just use the procedure above, fill in the code that you get and then press the buttons five and six in five seconds difference between.

Programing New Personal Entry Code

To reprogram your Ford personal entry code using the code that you get here on our page you need to do this:

  • Enter your factory code that you get from our generator
  • Then press buttons one and two whit five second difference between
  • Enter your new personal code that you want to use it in future also
  • Then press the buttons one and two one more time whit five second time difference between
  • If the doors lock and unlock at this point it means that you successfully programed your new personal Ford code

Reset Ford Keyless Entry

One more possibility that now you can do by reset Ford keyless entry without factory code.

Reset Ford Keyless Entry Without Factory Code Supported Models

  • Focus
  • Fiesta
  • Fusion
  • Truck
  • Puma
  • Kuga
  • Connect
  • KA also
  • Galaxy
  • C Max
  • Ranger
  • Mondeo
  • Transit too

The potential possibilities offered how to reset Ford keyless entry without factory code are to many. If you have some other thing on mind feel free to ask for help and you will get full guide how to make this properly!

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8 thoughts on “Reset Ford Keyless Entry Without Factory Code Guide

  1. i own a 2017 ford explorer , it was used and did not come with manual, so i don’t have code to door keyless door lock, what can you do for me.

  2. I bought a used 2008 Ford F350 4×4 diesel truck. I found the orginal key code, but it looks like the previous owner had changed it. How can I reset this to my new code,

  3. I bought a used 2006 F150 supercrew, no known key code, is it possible to reset without the factory code?

  4. need procedure to rest key pad on 2004 ford f150 extra/super/quad/double/king/extended. Don’t have factory code.

  5. I purchased used a 2008 Ford F-250 King Ranch Super Duty, It has the key code on the door, but there is not an owners manual for the truck. I do not have a factory code, and would really like to be able to reset this on my truck.

    I locked my keys in the truck and was not near and cell coverage and had to break a window to get in. I am sure resetting the code will cost me alot less than another window.

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