Kenwood Radio Code Generator Open Key For Any Car Stereo

It’s time to unlock Kenwood radio code for you locked car device. It’s time for you to start using your car stereo once again. Here is our unlocking car radios team to present you the latest solution for your problem. So our team will solve this issue for you just for free!

Kenwood Radio Code Generator

The solution about this problem is in the unlock Kenwood radio code generator software available for using and downloading direct from our website. It’s an online application. This means that you will solve this problem whit online generating procedure.

The software can generate your unlock car Kenwood code directly from the codes online database. To use the service successfully you must know two information about your locked car radio:

  • The Kenwood car radio serial number
  • Which year is your device

If you know this information you can start whit the unlocking Kenwood radio code process. But if you don’t know then you must find this two information.

In most cases the user must re open the car radio device from your car. The serial number and the year very often are on the back side on your locked device. When you will have it start whit:

Kenwood Radio Code

Unlock Kenwood Radio Code Procedure Step By Step

You are just some seconds away from your right Kenwood radio code number. Follow this steps bellow also:

  1. Download the unlock Kenwood radio code generator on your PC or mobile phone device. To download you must have good internet connection.
  2. Open the online generator software on your device,
  3. So fill in your locked car device serial number and year,
  4. Click on the unlock button,
  5. Then wait some time,
  6. You will get new screen on your device that contains the unlock Kenwood radio code,
  7. So once you have your right unlock key just put it in your locked radio car device,
  8. Your Kenwood radio is now unlocked!
  9. Then start listen to music on your unlocked car radio. Good luck!

The unlocking process that you will complete here on this website is permanent too. So your car Kenwood device can be unlocked again and again whit the same Kenwood unlock radio code.

This is really important because once your automobile stay without electricity the radio will ask the same Kenwood radio code again.

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123 thoughts on “Kenwood Radio Code Generator Open Key For Any Car Stereo

  1. Hello.. I have a kenwood mdv-x702
    Year 2015
    Serial number is 070X3692
    Security code is 747F-7075-6901-0603
    There is no offer in my region. I am providing you with all the necessary details… please send me the code

    1. Please please help me unlock my Kenwood head unit.. your help will be greatly appreciated..
      Model number.. KRC 759R
      Serial number…KE0437K0104449

      1. Hi , I hav my kenwood lock the code , can I have the code for it ? Please help me , it’s been a month , please .
        Model : DDX718WBT
        SERIAL NUMBER : 143X1473

        1. Kenwood DMX7017DABS
          SERIAL 162X0049

          Can you please help me with security code battery died in my car and I cant get the code anywhere…thanks.

  2. Hello,Kenwood MDV-D303MLT
    Year 2016
    serial number 091X0873
    there is o offers in my country, please send me the code.

  3. I have a Kenwood excelon DNX8120 And it locked me out. I bought the car from a dealer and didn’t ever think of asking . Didn’t think that would happened. Please help

  4. hello
    my battery was dead and now my radio ask for the code

    it is a
    ser: 110×340
    kenwood: yk5-0532-74

  5. Hello please help me unlock my kenwood radio
    Serial number:70300358

  6. I`m change battery I need Security Code Set from

    KENWOOD model DNX4250DAB
    serial number 109X0053

  7. I would appreciate if y’all could get me the code for my
    Honda CR-V 2006
    Kenwood model: DNX5120

    Serial number: 80306171

    Kenwood Corporation: Y39-5890-10

    Thank you

  8. Hello My KENWOOD Car Setup on TOYOTA VITZ ask the Passcode after doing the battery replacement. Please help to fix this.

    Model: MDV-D303MLT
    Serial: 091X1359
    Security Key: 7F73-7577-6800-0900

  9. Hi, Please help me unlock my radio in my:

    Model: Kenwood VX-400W
    SN: KE0575N0300219
    MPN: Y36-2780-21
    Vehicle: 1997 Honda Prelude (Australian Delivered)

  10. Witam. Chciałbym rozkodować radio ale zgubiłem do niego kod i prosiłbym o pomoc w odzyskaniu.

    Radio KENWOOD KDC-BT6544U
    Numer seryjny: KE1557X1100300
    Kenwood Corporation: Y21-7102-75
    Z góry dziękuję.

  11. Hello Sir Assalam u alaikum.
    Sir i need a help please.
    I want a unlock code please sir.
    SERIAL: 081X0042

  12. Good evening,

    Can you please help me out with my Kenwood car radio?
    MODEL: KDC-7537U
    SERIAL: KE1369V0601068
    Kenwood Corporation: Y21-6242-71

    Kind regards,

  13. Hi
    Can you please help me out with my Kenwood radio navigation system?
    MODEL: DNX7240BT
    SERIAL: KE1563B0600272
    Kenwood Corporation: Y39-6012-71
    Thank you so much!!!

  14. Hi can you please help me unlock my Kenwood head unit, Any help will be greatly appreciated..
    Model….KRC 759R
    serial number..KE0437K0104449

  15. Hello,
    I’ve forgotten my sec code for a Kenwood DMX7017BTS
    serial number: 132X1691
    Year: 2017

    Can you send me the unlock code?
    Thanks in advance

  16. KTV 512
    code please and i think these are correct numbers off of stereo

  17. My Radio is Kenwood kdc-w7041u
    Please help ne with the Code i have lost the Card…

  18. Hi, my Kenwood model- ddx9016dabs
    Serial number-101X0300
    RF 261114-23-03
    After changing battery need code plz help

  19. Hi, I’ve replaced my battery and immediately afterwards my stereo was locked and is asking for a pin.
    Serial # 081X0552
    Inquiry Number 7473-7306-6B07-0801
    I recently imported this vehicle from Japan and the entire booklet is in Japanese.
    Any help will be appreciated.

  20. Moje radio to Kenwood KDC – W4044UAY
    Proszę o pomoc brak kartki z kodem

    1. Hello, I was hoping you could get me the code for my kenwood excelon radio after I did a reflow on the sister circut board

      Model- dnx692
      Serial- 140X0329


      Thanks in advance for providing this service

  21. Hello I need the security key for my
    Kenwood dnx 4230bt
    Serial number: KW1840D1100424
    Please help

  22. Hello, I have just discovered your service. That is fantastic, thank you for your help.
    Could you please help me with my Kenwood radio, which lost its code when the battery of the car was replaced?
    Kenwood DMX8019DABS
    Serial 124X1538

  23. I have just discovered your service. That is fantastic, thank you for your help.
    Could you please help me with my Kenwood radio, which lost its code when the battery of the car was replaced?
    Kenwood kdc-mp5039u
    Serial ke1443w1200828

  24. Hi, I couldn’t find a link to download software would you be able to help with the head unit below which has a code that I don’t ever remember setting?


    SN: 101X0468

  25. Bonjour,
    Ayant changé de véhicule j’ai récupéré mon autoradio pour l’installer dans celui-ci cependant je n’ai pas mon code sécurité kenwood dnx5260bt donc si on pourrait éventuellement m’aider en vous remerciant bonne journée

  26. I have a Kenwood kvt-512 that i need an unlock code for please.
    serial #y39-5750-10 or its No.80701022.
    the year is 2007

  27. Hello…
    I can’t download the the file. Would you help me for the code?
    It’s Kenwood DDX7018BT (2018, I guess)
    S/No.: 133XO434
    Thank you.

  28. Hello!
    I can’t find a download link for the software on your WEB page.
    Please help me to find the code for my car radio.
    Manufacturer: Kenwood
    Model: DNX516DABS
    Serial: 132X0325
    Date of Manufacture: 08.2017
    Thank you.

  29. good afternoon, would you be so kind to send me my code of my old Kenwood KVT524dvd

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