How To Replace Jeep Radio

This guide is about how to replace Jeep radio. Below in this post, you will find a guide step by step that will help you to perform the Jeep radio replacement successfully!

Jeep, a mid-range SUV from the American manufacturer Jeep, may require a radio repair at times. Despite having a reputation for having a high-quality interior, being prone to off-roading, and being a load carrier, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has noted that these well-known modes of transportation may have a life of their own.

How To Replace Jeep Radio

Because the uncontrollable volume settings and radio tuning can be so distracting, the drivers of the 2018 model believe there is a risk of a fatal accident. But don’t worry, we’ll take care of you! Buckle up, because we’ve got answers to any radio issues you might have with your Jeep.

When Should You Replace The Radio In Your Jeep

When you have a consistent problem with your stereo system, the solution is straightforward! The fundamental issue with the system has been that radios have been turned on and off independently.
The spasmodic FM signals, though, are causing the most headaches, as drivers rely on them for weather predictions and traffic updates.

What Should You Consider When Looking For A Replacement

The sound system is the heart and soul of any vehicle, so take care of it and treat it well! First, consider why you want to replace it, and then hunt for a radio that is a perfect fit for your vehicle. There are other factors to consider, such as choosing a stereo that does not generate any distortion and provides a cleaner, richer sound quality.

Look for anything that will add utility to your vehicle. The top choices are Bluetooth connectivity, app-related sources such as Spotify, Apple and Android compatibility, and GPS navigation tools.

You may take it to the next level with a touchscreen display, stunning cosmetics, or even a dedicated subwoofer output, which allows you to manage the volume independently of the bass control.

Estimated Budget

The price is mostly determined by the radio’s size and capacity, as well as any additional features included in each new model. For example, an open box 10.4″ vertical screen android GPS radio for Jeep 2014-2020 will cost roughly $700. The price of a 10.2″ octa-core 2017-2019 Model will drop by another $100. It’s worth noting that a PX-6 core 13.3″ GPS radio for the Model 2009-2013 would set you back around $900.
It really should be noted that expert re-installation may incur additional charges. However, there are other do-it-yourself choices.

Replace Jeep Radio

Several tool kits are available from both online and offline auto stores, with prices ranging from $70-$300 depending on whether you get single din or double din kits. Now is the time to think about it. Now that everyone values their time, you should think about a few things. Are you a professional technical handler, for starters?

If that’s the case, the only thing you need to worry about is finding the perfect radio system for your Jeep, which will take roughly 4 hours. If you don’t, you’ll have to hire a professional from a local service store, which will add to your costs and take a little longer than if you did it yourself. It’s possible that signing the extra paperwork will take an entire day or even less!


You’ll need the following tools:

The following are the main tools required to remove the old stereo system:

  • Aviation sheers
  • Hot glue
  • Wire harness
  • Radio adaptor
  • Pride tools
  • Panel removal tool
  • Dremel or oscillating tool

What you’ll need to upgrade to a newer, better version of the radio:

  • Connection for the backup camera from the factory
  • Harness for radio connections
  • RCAs for speakers GPS module antenna amp power cable
  • USB ports are available.
  • microphone (aftermarket)

Jeep Radio Replacement: A Step-by-Step Guide

You must follow some simple steps to reach the peak of your comforting Zen mode, and chill! Whether it’s a transformation from a single din to a double din, or simply some modifications to get an upgraded version, you must follow some simple steps to reach the peak of your comforting Zen mode, and chill!

Jeep Radio Replacement

Obtain The Stereo System Of Your Choice

Your ideal stereo system can be found both online and offline. Look for it in the electronics store and purchase it. Keep in mind that you’ll need to hunt for a model that matches your Jeep model.
A harness adapter that is compatible with the model is required, as is a fit mount.

Prioritize Safety

Turn off the vehicle’s power supply and store it somewhere safe so it doesn’t come into contact with the battery. Also, keep an eye out for live wires. Wear safety gloves if necessary.

Pull Out The Bezel

To destroy the bezel surrounding, get a pride tool. That’ll be done in a flash. (Don’t be too hard on yourself!) You’ll be on to the next step in seconds, where the actual work begins. Remove the four Philips screws that keep the bezel in place in this step.

Remove The Center Console Using A Pry Bar

Using a simple screwdriver and pulling off the plastic board is all that is required. Clips are usually attached to that area, so be careful not to damage it. The job is finished with four more screws that secure the radio to the automobile. Unscrew those as well.

Remove The Old Radio From The Cabinet

You must now remove the old radio with extreme caution. Remove all of the wirings harnesses from the rear of the stereo, including the antenna wire and any other additional cables.

Replace Jeep Radio And Installing A New Radio

The size of your new radio will determine this. You’re in luck if it was designed to fit in the dashboard! You’ll have to mount it or change it if you don’t want it to fall out.

Before And After

Replace Jeep Radio By Rewiring The Harness

Pull out your wire harness adapter and connect the wiring harness to it before returning to the radio. Locate a new, suitable location for the antenna wiring as well as any additional wires.

The Last Steps

Install the radio in the dash, taking care not to damage the connections. Check everything is in working order by reconnecting the power supply and turning on the radio. Finished!

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