Honda Civic Radio Code Generator Online Service For Free

You need Honda Civic radio code for your locked Honda car radio device? So i can tell that you are on the great spot to solve this huge problem. Here on this page you can download the Unlock Honda Civic radio code generator for free. This is workable solution for any user whit this problem.

Honda Civic Radio Code

Unlock Honda Civic Radio Code Generator

Ready to start learning about unlock Honda radio code generator? We are here to help you. This unlocking process is very simple for any specific Civic locked radio device whit code. The unlock Honda Civic online generator can retrieve any locked lost code.

So no meter which is the problem why you don’t have your code the generator can help you. The only thing that can be unsolved problem is the workable mode on your Honda Civic radio. Our online tool can’t help to those users whit permanent locked radio device. If you probably decide to test your luck and to fill the right code on luck more then ten times then no one in this world can help you.

But if you have workable Honda Civic radio then please find this information about the device:

  • Serial number
  • Year on production
  • Security number
  • Radio model

Honda Civic Radio Code Generator

Once you know this four information you can start whit:

Unlock Honda Civic Radio Code Generating Procedure

Start by:

  1. Download the unlock Honda Civic Radio code generator on your computer or mobile phone,
  2. Then start the online generator,
  3. Select your model and year on production also,
  4. Then fill in your security and serial number,
  5. Click on the unlock button,
  6. Then wait some time – it’s short period,
  7. Your code will arrive in a couple of minutes,
  8. Put the radio code that you get in your radio and start using it.

Honda Civic Radio Codes

So if you don’t know how to enter the Honda Civic radio code in your device you can visit our youtube video guides. There you then can find video step by step guides how to complete this unlock Honda Civic radio code process very fast and easy!

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39 thoughts on “Honda Civic Radio Code Generator Online Service For Free

  1. Model # 39100-S10-A500
    Ref# CQ-JH8814A
    Serial # 98F90373
    Year 2000
    Radio make: Honda
    I have looked everywhere. Can’t find code.
    This is all the info I have? Can you please email me the code. You guys are too cool.

  2. Need Help… I am not sure if I have the correct code but my serial# is 22892637 or the 8 can be a zero.. 22092637. I have a Honda Civic 2009. I am up to number error 8 in trying to put a code..I don’t now what else to do.

  3. Hi, please help, i need code for honda Model: 39100-swa-G102
    REF No:CQ-MH8671G
    SW rev: 1867 47
    SERIAL No: 17349041

      1. Thanks, but shouldn’t it be a 5 digit code? and numbers not grater than 6? (because it is not possible to enter 7 on Honda radio…)

  4. Hi admin
    I need your help to find my radio code
    Vin no is JHMFD16246S400846
    MODEL 2006
    U3000 L1249

  5. Hey
    May i ask my radio code for Honda Civic
    Model No:08A01-5C6-1100-A
    Ref. No:CQ-YH0071FA
    U 1304 L 5166

  6. Hello!
    Can you please give me the activation code for reseting the radio on a Honda Jazz 2009 model?

    S/N: 27019403
    VIN: JHMGE68809S229014


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