Citroen Radio Code Generator

Citroen radio code generator is the right solution to unlock Citroen radio devices for free. If codes and passwords are hard for you to remember then you are probably just like me! Especially not when there are different passcodes, passwords, and codes for so many different accounts and gadgets. I never even dream that I would have to work hard to recall what the unlock code for my Citroen radio was.

Citroen Radio Code

I simply bought and installed the radio, well someone else did the installing part, but that is a different story, and I never bothered to memorize the unlock code. Maybe it is because I thought that I would never need this 4-digit code. And in a huge part, I was right.

After the first time, I entered the code I never had to bother with it anymore. Years passed and my Citroen radio still worked as if it had been bought yesterday.

Citroen Radio Code Generator Software

However, when I least expected the battery of my Citroen died completely. I was not aware that with that all the electronic bits and pieces in the Citroen would undergo an automatic restart. All the other gadgets continued working as they did before, all but one my Citroen radio.

I tried to switch it on and tune in to my favorite radio station, but there was no reaction from the other side. When I looked closely I realized that there was a message on the radio’s screen asking for an unlock code. I entered the first four digits that came to mind. Unfortunately, that didn’t work. I was simply not that lucky. I tried to work some logic in this situation so I tried what code seemed logical to me.

Citroen Codes

That didn’t work either. Someone once told me that all Citroen radio devices from the same brands have the same unlock codes, so I immediately rang a friend who had the same Citroen radio brand as mine. That attempt was futile as well. It is fortunate that I stopped these attempts to enter the right unlock code when I still got the chance. To more shots in the dark and I would have blocked my Citroen radio for good.

How To Unlock The Radio

Luckily a solution presented itself before me when I had given up almost all hope. I ran into an article online that explained all about an amazing code calculating tool. Later that day I read more about the Citroen radio code generator and I decided to download it on my tablet.

The description read that you can download it even on your mobile phone if that is what you want. Anyway, I had my tablet near me and that is where I installed the tool.

The instructions were surprisingly simple and all I had to do really is to find the serial number of my Citroen radio music system. I just pulled out the Citroen radio and the serial number was at the bottom side as I knew it would be.

Citroen Radio Front Side

I entered the serial number and the brand and model of the radio. Also, I entered my email address because that is where they send you the unlock Citroen radio code. Once they calculated it.

Everything was as promised. I got the code that I wanted. I unlocked my Citroen radio without having to pay for the service or even worse, to buy a new one!

So, if you are ever in a similar situation don’t think twice. Download the free Citroen radiocode generator. Cross that problem off your list.

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6 thoughts on “Citroen Radio Code Generator

  1. Please I would appreciate to have the code of a Citroen Saxo 2003.

    Model nº: PU-2294B (D)
    Serial nº: CL040220825757

  2. Please I would appreciate to have the code of a Citroen xsara Picasso 2000.

    Model nº: PU-2295A
    Serial nº: CL0411Y0107381

  3. Hello, i cannot find the link to download the Citroen Code Generator Software.

    I would need the code for my Xsara Picasso 2004:

    It is a VDO RD3-01 (PSARCD111-03)
    Prod. No. FD0104130080123

    Thank you very much in advance!

  4. Hello, i cannot find the link to download the Citroen Code Generator Software
    I would need the code for my XANTIA
    it is a clarion PU-1562 A S/N: CL0321X0031914
    Thank you very much in advance!

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