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Here on user’s information are number one priority!

RadioCodesCalculator Privacy Statement

Bellow you have our privacy statement that our website use it. Every user need to read the information bellow and pay attention to our rules. If after reading you have some issues you can always contact us. Our team will try to help you.

Email Addresses

You are free to use all of information on this website without any problem. Our program will never use your email information for any reason. We don’t share your personal information whit some third party websites or services. Your information are protected!

Information Ownership

The owner on all collected user’s information is


You are free to comment on our websites pages and posts without problem. But if our team notice that you use offensive words our website will remove your comment permanent and you will lose your right to write comments on our pages and post in the future.


Using our website services you agree that from time to time we place cookies on your device to improve our work. This process will help you to save some information. This information can be some personal details, e-mail address, some technical device information as the model and its IP address. This helps to our website to be more and more functionality. This pasts will help you not to enter some information each time when you visit our website over and over again. It will save you some time.

The cookies from our website will never run some programs or deliver some viruses to your PC, mobile phone, lap top or tablet. They can only be read by the web server that put this cookies on your device at the first place!

The cookies are for:

  • Save your time
  • Easy future access to our website
  • To identify how users navigate through our web pages
  • Help us to improve our services and communication whit our users
  • Prevent fraud
  • Prevent abuse


Our website have and it will publish some links from other websites about more information. If you use some of those links please check the privacy policy on those websites first and then use some services and information from them if you don’t have any problems whit accepting them.


You can always contact us by mail.