Audi Radio Code Generating Online Process For Free

Get the latest Audi radio code generator to unlock our Audi car radio device. When it comes to calculating the lost Audi radio codes the Audi Radio Code Generating software application tool is at the top of the list. Many users from all around the world have tried it out already. Although English is not their mother language.But they have managed to go through the instructions. Then they retrieve their lost/ forgotten Audi radio unlock codes.

Audi Radio Code Generator

Find The Lost Unlock Code For Your Audi Radio

The best thing about the Audi Radio Code Generating software application tool is not the fact that it can be download for free, but the fact that it works really quickly and with no delays. Don’t worry at all. From ads or by pop-up windows or malware software.

All you have to do is to hit the download button. For your convenience there is a mobile version available, so you can use the Audi Radio Code Generating software application tool to generate the Audi radio unlock code from your mobile phone as well, while you are on the go.

The options with this tool are limitless, so long as you’re happy with the outcome- i.e. a working Audi radio unlock code.

Audi Radio Code

Audi Radio Code Free Generator

Many people are skeptical about tools of thins kind and I cannot say I blame them. These are over hundred free software application tools offering all sorts of services and many of them will not do you a service at all, but will get you in trouble instead.

That is why before you download any software application tool you make sure you see the reviews and the ratings of that tool. If you check the ratings and reviews of the Audi Radio Code Generating software application tool that you will be absolutely sure that you have made the right choice, if not the best choice.

Guide How To Use The Audi Radio Code Generator

Now that we are certain that you hit the jack pot let’s begin with explaining how to correctly apply the Audi Radio Code Generating software application tool to achieve your goal.
First of all!  You need to be sure that the downloaded software application tool is completely and fully installed. Font turn off your mobile phone or tablet/ laptop until the installation is finished.

The second step would be to open the app. Enter the serial number of the Audi radio. The model of the unit and preferable its brand also. At this stage you will be required to provide a valid email address.

The next step would be to verify that the data you entered is correct. Then hit the GENERATE button.

Audi Radio Codes

Unlock Audi Radio

While you wait for the new mail the Audi Radio Code Generating software application tool will process these details. It will boiled down all possibilities to only one Audi radio unlock code. This code will be send to your email address.

The final step would be to turn on your Audi radio by typing in the new unlock Audi radio code. Then you have a safe and pleasant drive.

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251 thoughts on “Audi Radio Code Generating Online Process For Free

    1. hi!
      i have audi a4 b7, i lose my cod to my stereo. can you help me?
      7646 136380

    2. Hello, searching for

      code – AUZ2Z3D1276353 (audi concert 2 radio)

      Can You help me ?


  1. Hello!

    I need your help!
    I need the code for my Audi A6 Navigation Plus radio with serial number AUZ1Z1A4933746 and 10 digit part number 4B0035192M.

    Thank you in advance:


    1. Sorry, correction. My 10 digit blaupunkt part number is: 7612001019

      Thanks a lot:


  2. I was recommended this website by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my problem. You are incredible! Thanks!

  3. Hola.Por favor necesito ayuda rapida,tengo montado el radio cd audi concert AUZ2Z3E2338318 y necesito el codigo SAFE.

  4. would like to get the code for AUZ2Z3D1075380 please.

    could not get to any tool online,


  6. Hello
    Can you help me ?
    I need code for Audi Concert 2
    Thank you.


  7. Hi. Can you help my please rns-e radio
    Serie nr: AUZBZ7E1104155
    Yhank you very much

    Kind regards

  8. Hello
    Can you help me ?
    I need code for Audi Concert AUZ23C1036049
    Thank you.


  9. Hello
    Can you help me ?
    I need code for Audi Symphony Audi Symphony AUZ5Z4BB6026697.
    Thank you!

  10. Audi a3 châssis wauzzz8p17a142278 autoradio blaupunkt gmbh. No :AUZ1Z3G9070135 audi concert pour code merci bcp

  11. Hello I need your help for my Old Audi Gamma Radio.
    Thank you.

    1. Pls can you help me, Battery from A4 was down…
      and the chorus Radio shows now “SAFE”

      I will complete the number of Blaupunkt here.

      Blaupunkt-Nr.: 7 648 245 380

  12. Hi can help to unlock the recorder Audi Concert CD serial number AUZ2Z3D1767084 in advance thank you very much !!!

  13. Will be thankful for code for Audi Concert AUZ5Z3X0130334.

    Great initiative by the way.


  14. Hallo, can you help me?

    I have a Audi Gamma cc form Audi 80 B4, jear 1994

    The Serial number is. AUZ5Z3P0073632


  15. Hello, Im looking for a code too: AUZ2Z3E1203348

    I can’t seem to see the app download button – only a map app!

    Thanks in advance

  16. Hello,
    Can you help me?
    I need code for Audi Concert AUZ5Z3Y0183609
    Thank you.


  17. I do not need your help anymore because while I was waiting to help you, I found the necessary code myself, that’s 1227 if you need somebody else

        1. Yes it is the right one for sure. You may have other problem! Check it in some local mechanic store!

  18. Hi,

    can you help me with the code for AUZ2Z3B2549855 (audi concert)

    Many thanks in advance!
    Best wishes

  19. Hello, can you help me with the code for AUZBZ7E1501398 (audi RNS-E)

    Many thanks in advance!
    Best wishes

  20. hello, I’ve lost my code for Audi concert. Can you please help me?
    Thank you in advance!


  21. Hi,

    Can you help me?

    Code is: AUZ1Z4S5459593
    Serial number: 7644894380
    Blaupunkt is manufacturer.

    Thank you!

  22. Can you help me with my Audi Navigation Plus ?
    I lost my code and i cant unlock it.

    70612 001 179

  23. Olá
    podes me ajudar com o codigo para o auto radio audi concert symphony ii

  24. Hello. My name is Laci, i have one audi concert AUZ2Z3A1232618 cd radio…forget this code, after battery deconected.
    Please HELP!

  25. hello
    Please help my Mrs her TT co cencert radio code made by Grundig


    Many thanks in advanced.

  26. Hello
    Please help

    I have a Concer 2 radio, and need code !

    made by Grundig

    4B0 035 186 Q


    Thankyou in advace.

  27. Hi,

    may could you send me a radio code for Audi Corus
    4B0 035 186 C
    7 648 247 389

    FIN WAUZZ8DZXA012561.

    Many thanks – Mathias

  28. Здравствуйте ! Помогите пожалуйста разблокировать audi concert AUZ2Z3E3253535?

  29. Audi Radio Code
    GRO Chorus 8P0 035 152
    9.18439-81 G.HN 40-00 07S
    Made By GRUNDING
    AUZ2Z2C1133410 32/03
    02 55382 0330 113341 0


  30. Can You help me to unlock my radio Blaupunkt Navigation 2D
    7 612 001 371
    4B0 035 192 F

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