IMEI Repair Tool

Now it is possible to solve all possible IMEI problems only with one universal IMEI repair tool! You can use this service in order to solve several bad things in which locks your IMEI number can fall in. Here you can select what you want to set in the repair IMEI procedure.

Repair IMEI

Your current IMEI number will be replaced with a completely new one that will not show invalid or null messages on your cell phone screen. Another possible option is to use this service in order to unlock your mobile phone device from the existing carrier.

Repair Software Download

The software package that will prepare your PC device for the IMEI repair process is grouped with different software that you must have. This software is here to prepare your computer for the future process.

IMEI Repair Tool

The downloading is possible only from our main download section. Go there and find the “IMEI repair tool”. Click on this text and select the download option. This will bring the software package to your computer where you already planned to complete the repairing procedure.

After successful downloading, you should install the repair IMEI tool on your device by pressing the install button. If you still have doubts about using this service know that this online app work on all possible mobile phone brands and models.

IMEI Repair

Bellow in this text you have all actions that you can make in order to complete some IMEI repair processes successfully:

  • Download the IMEI repair tool on your computer,
  • Then install it on your device,
  • After that open the tool and connect your cell phone device with PC via USB cable,
  • Select your operation from the menu, unlock or repair invalid number,
  • Then click on the repair button.
IMEI Repair

Then your IMEI repair operation will be over in a few minutes!

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