4500 RDS EON Code

The 4500 RDS EON code is a radio code that is required if your 4500 RDS EON radio is locked. Of course, by entering this specific code you can unlock the radio device. Any other alternative will not help you. Simply, if you want to be able to use this device, you must enter the correct unique 4500 RDS EON code that is only compatible with that radio device. If you want to solve this problem most simply, without spending a lot of time, energy, and money, we offer you exactly that.

4500 RDS EON Code Calculator

Below on this page, you have information on a special radio code calculator that covers 100 percent of all radios of this type ever produced. Follow the instructions below to get the code directly to your computer or mobile phone.

4500 RDS EON code calculator

4500 RDS EON code calculator is a calculation software that contains the entire database of data for this type of radio devices. To be able to make a good connection with your unique code, all you have to do is use the calculator with the unique unique serial number of your locked device.

Simply, all you have to do is follow these instructions:

  1. Download the 4500 RDS EON code calculator to any device connected to the internet. Once you read this information, you can continue to whichever line you are currently using.
  2. Double-click on the file you received during the download, which activates the option to install the software.
  3. Select “I agree”, and press the install button.
  4. After completing the installation process, open the calculator. Then enter the serial number for your locked 4500 RDS EON radio device that you want to unlock.
  5. Finally, press the yellow button titled “unlock”.
4500 RDS EON Code

Now, once you have already completed all the above steps, you have to wait for a few minutes. Depending on the production date, the waiting period can last up to 5-6 minutes at most. During this period, be careful not to lose your Internet connection at any time. If for any reason you remain without internet, and you do not receive your 4500 RDS EON radio code, then you turn off the calculator and you have to repeat the whole procedure from the beginning.

Procedure for entering the code

Once you have the correct digit arrangement in your 4500 RDS EON radio code, you are the one who needs to manually enter that code into your radio in order to unlock it. Thus, if, for example, your code digit arrangement is 5290, using the main radio buttons, you should do the following:

  • You enter the number 5 once! Use the number 1 button! You need to press the 1 button five times in a row! You need to press it until the number 5 stops flashing on the screen.
  • By pressing the button with the number 2 you enter the second digit of the 4500 RDS EON code, i.e. the digit 2.
  • You continue with the third digit, the digit 9, which you have to enter by pressing the number 3 key.
  • 0 – you enter the last digit of the code with the number 4 button. Ѕou need to press the number 4 button ten times in a row. Then you see 0 on the screen at the end of the code.
  • Finally, after you have successfully entered all four digits of your code, you need to press the number 5 button.
4500 RDS EON Radio Code

At the same moment as the implementation of the last step of the above steps, your 4500 RDS EON radio device will be unlocked and you can smoothly start using it according to its previous capabilities and your wishes!

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