Enter Toyota Radio Code Program

The guide on this page will explain to you how to enter the Toyota radio code as it should. Our guide will explain this process in step by step procedure. Here using this guideline you will know at any time which action you need to take in order to put your locked Toyota car radio in function once again. We will help you as well as many users and readers before you. Stay with us!

Enter Toyota Radio Code

How To Enter Toyota Radio Code

To be sure that you are eligible for the entering Toyota radio code process you need to check:

  • Do you own your original Toyota radio code?
  • Do you have electricity power in your automobile?
How To Enter Toyota Radio Code

If you meet the necessary things in your vehicle then you can start the inputting Toyota code procedure. Bellow in this part from this post you have it from the beginning to the successful end. Meet the following actions that you must do yourself:

  1. Turn on your locked Toyota car radio device no meter witch is your exact Toyota model,
  2. Then the radio will ask it’s key code combination that you need to enter,
  3. Use the radio buttons from one to four to enter all four digits from your original code combination,
  4. At the end of this entering procedure you should press the radio button number five!

By pressing button number five you will successfully unlock your blocked Toyota car radio. The device will begin working with all its options and functions.

Input Toyota Code

Using this procedure you will successfully unlock any different type of Toyota radio model but only if you have the right Toyota code in your own possession. If some of you don’t know his Toyota code or don’t know where to find it, you can always use our online Toyota calculator that can provide any radio code.

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2 thoughts on “Enter Toyota Radio Code Program

  1. How do I unlock car radio( Eclipse UCNV1120).. eclipse installed on a Toyota Axio which runs out of memory Everytime I remove the battery after its original radio was removed because it developed faults and couldn’t work

  2. I change my battery and my radio need code the radio is toyota PZQ60_00042
    Fujitsu ten 123001-2550D151
    serial no: PHA601832
    QD. ID:B015087
    Thank you

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