Nissan Radio Code Generator

Unlock Nissan radio code available for any car model. Have you ever been in a situation when you had to give up something perfectly functional just because you couldn’t start it working? Sometimes, the thing that keeps you from using that fine piece of equipment is a five-syllable password, a passcode, or an unlock code. If that is the thing that keeps you from using your new Nissan radio device then you should not worry at all. We have the tool that will definitely help you out in this situation.

Nissan Radio Code Calculator

Unlock Codes

Let’s start from the beginning. Let us imagine that you have bought yourselves a new Nissan radio and you just cannot get it to work. Make sure that you have installed it correctly. Make sure you have entered the unlock code from the leaflet that came with the device. If however you are not the first owner of the Nissan radio and you don’t have the packaging box of the Nissan radio nor any leaflet that can be of any help you can always turn to the online code generating machines.

So far, the best code generating tool for lost or forgotten Nissan radio codes is the Nissan generating software application tool. This tool will process a few details that you will provide. It will make sure to give you the code that will unlock your Nissan radio. It will set it to work again.

Nissan Serial

Nissan Radio Code Generator

Many people have resorted to this tool when it was already too late. That is when they have used all five permitted attempts to enter a valid unlock code. If this is done then the software installed in the radio will block the device and you will not be able to unlock it with the code that you will receive by using the Nissan software application tool. In fact, if you are reckless and block your Nissan radio device you may as well throw your Nissan radio in the garbage because there is not a single software application tool in the world that can generate an unlock code for you.

Hopefully, you haven’t gone that far. The software will still be able to help you out.
To achieve the best results and to perform the code-generating operation as quickly as possible, please do follow the following instructions:

How To Get The Code

  1. Download the free software on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.
  2. Install the app and open it.
  3. Find the serial number of your locked Nissan radio unit and enter it in the field provided.
  4. Find the field that says model and brand. Scroll down until you see and mark the model and brand of the Nissan radio you own.
  5. Enter a valid email address and if you font mind you can enter the county you live in, as well.
  6. Hit the GENERATE button and wait for the unlock code to be send to your email.
  7. Check the email in the next 10 to 20 minutes and the code will be there for sure.
  8. Turn on your Nissan radio. Insert the code that you had generated by the generator.
Nissan Radio

That is all there is to generating a lost or forgotten Nissan radio unlock code. You will like the Nissan Radio Code Generating software application tool. Don’t forget to recommend it to your family and friends.

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70 thoughts on “Nissan Radio Code Generator

  1. hello there,

    i have problem, i cant find code for my nissan juke 2011

    Serial: 5846369
    Number: 7612830050
    Date: 11.02.11

      1. HY6AN02653
        Am o problemă cu radio nu mai am cartonașul cu codul la Nissan Micra mulțumesc frumos dacă mă puteți ajuta.

    1. hello there,

      i have problem, i cant find code for my nissan qashqai 2011

      Serial: 1579197
      Number: 7612830052
      Date: 10.12.17

    2. Hi guys i need my radio code I lost the code and instructions, please it’s a nissan note 2007
      Nissan part. 28185 9U10PA
      Modelle. PN-3001P
      Serial n. PN3001PA 0004473

  2. hello,

    i have problem, i cant find code for my nissan juke!

    Serial: DS08N15791
    Part: 281851KA2A
    Date: 10.09.10

      1. Hello, please help me unlock my radio, on my nissan note 2009
        Serial: CL081990148375
        P/N: 3001P-B

  3. Hi there,
    i need the Unlock code for my Nissan Patrol Radio:

    Serial No.:CL052450060172


  4. hello there,

    i have problem, i cant find code for my nissan qashqai 2010

    Serial: 3104918
    Number: 7612830022
    Date: 10.07.05

  5. Hello I need a code for my nissan note
    serial number DW3N00996043VV1A
    model number 281853vv1a
    date 11.04.2013

  6. Please help me with Nissan Micra Radio Code

    Serial : DW37N28179
    Part : 28185 3HN4B
    Prod Date : 13 08 07

    Thank You

  7. Hallo, ich brauche einen Code für meinen Qashqai J10.

    Seriennummer: 7612830022
    Gerätenummer: 3070103
    Datum: 10.04.2013

    Vielen Dank

  8. Hi, i need code for my Nissan Qashqai 2010

    Serial number: 9507266
    Device number: 7612830032
    Date: 10.09.03


  9. Hi,

    I need a code for my Nissan Pathfinder.
    These are all the numbers in the radio:
    SERIAL NO.: 0064849
    MODEL CODE: 14787210

    Thank you so much!

  10. Hi,
    Can I have a code for one Nissan Qashqai J10?
    Serial number: 3105183
    Device number: 7612830022
    Date: 10.07.06

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hej har mistet kode til min radio nissan qashqai år 2013 j10 da jeg skiftet bilbatteri kan i hjælpe MVH Per Jørgensen

  11. Hello.
    Is it possible to get the code for my Nissan Cube ?

    Here are the numbers :

    Model n* : PP – 3093M – 3

    Serial : CL0881 9 0000563

    Thank you very much

  12. HELLO!

    CAN YOU HELP WITH code for my Nissan X-TRAIL 2008.

    Model NO: PN-2787N
    Serial NO: PN2787NB0025569

    Thanks a lot.

  13. Hello.
    Is it possible to get the code for my Nissan Quashai.
    Serial: 9034212
    DN . 7612830076
    date: 12.06.20

    Thank you very much.

  14. hello
    is it possible to get the code for my nissan almera tino 2001
    model : PN-2316V
    serial no: CL0448Y0021817

    thank you in advance

  15. Hello there,

    I have problem, I, cant find code for my nissan juke 2011
    Part No: 28185BH30D
    Serial Number: HG84N0320124BH30D
    Date: 04.24.2018
    Thanks for help.Peter

  16. hello , please a need de code for nissa micra k13 , thanks for help

    serial number : HY67N09273
    device model :281853hn4c
    date 26/07/2016

  17. Hi are you able to help me get a code for my Gran’s car?
    Serial Number: BP536556442461
    Model Number: 28184BC401

    Nissan Micra on 2005 Plate

  18. Hi,

    Please help with generating a code for replacement radio.
    Nissan Juke 2013
    Part Number 25915BX80B
    Ser number CM3033E1541604
    Production Date 02/2014

    Kind Regards

    SN: DW55NO3478
    PART NUMBER: 28185 3HN4C
    PROD DATE: 15/06/04

  20. Hi
    Need code to unlock my Nissan juke car radio
    Model No: sanyo nva – hd7310fw \ hs310d-w
    SERIAL NO: 0L019883
    its a true japan car radio, thanks!

  21. Hi,
    Can I have a code for one Nissan Qashqai ?
    Serial number: 0148609
    Device number: 7612830076
    Date: 13.08.08

    Thank you

  22. Hi

    Can I get a code for my mission juke please?

    Serial number: DW38N19143
    Part : 28185 BX8DA
    Date: 13.08.14

    Thank you

    Serial 0790161,
    Device number 7612830032,
    Product date: 11.02.01

  24. HALLO
    MODALN° AGC-0071RF
    SERIE N° DW49N1064017BH30D
    CAT 09/17/2014

  25. Hello,
    Can I have a code for one Nissan Qashqai ?
    Serial number: 0841104
    Device number: 7612830025
    Date: 09.04.15

    Thank you

  26. Lots of people sharing Seriel codes but did anyone ever get a reply?
    An APP was mentioned but not the name to download

  27. Hello,
    Can I have a code for one Nissan Juke ?
    Serial number: 5852214
    Device number: 7612830050
    Date: 11.03.21

  28. Hi
    Can I have the radio code PIN Nissan Qashqai 2013
    Serial No: DW2CN07266
    Part#: 28185 BH30D
    Prod Date#: 12 12 13

  29. hello,
    could I have a code for a Nissan NV200?

    serial number: 0164313
    device number: 7612830092
    date: 16.06.22

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