Enter Seat Radio Code Factory Reset

If you were in a situation in which you don’t know how to enter the Seat radio code in your automobile blocked device then you need our help. We can help you out with this problematic situation that can block your Seat radio device permanently! The permanent blocking function can be started if you try to enter the Seat radio code too many times wrongly.

Enter Seat Radio Code

How To Enter Seat Radio Code

The enter Seat radio code procedure is really simple if you own the original Seat radio code combination. This combination gives you the right to use the car stereo without any restrictions. All you need to do is to enter the same combination from four digits each time when your device will want it from you after some electricity problems.

How To Enter Seat Radio Code

To enter the code properly you need to follow the short guide below:

  1. Turn on your locked Seat radio device from the main power button that is usually in the left radio’s corner,
  2. The locked Seat radio screen will appear asking the true code from you,
  3. Then take the key code combination in front of you and start the inputting Seat radio code process,
  4. Use the radio buttons from one to five,
  5. Using the radio button number one you need to enter the first digit from the code. Press the button several times in a row until you get the right digit that stands at the start,
  6. Repeat the step five three times for next digits from the combination,
  7. Once you enter all four digits just press the radio button number five one more time!
Input Seat Code

After successfully entering the Seat radio code procedure, your devices should work properly with all their factory functions. So you see that this procedure is very fast and easy. If someone has a problem with finding his original Seat code then know that you can calculate your combination for free!

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  1. Plese send me code i bought car with lock car radio
    Serial number: SEZ2Z6A1205380
    Thank you very much !

  2. Can you please send me the code for the following car radio?
    Serial number: SEZAZ2L3673565

    Many thanks in advance!

  3. Can you please send me the code for the following car radio?
    Serial number: SEZ2Z9F3928664

    Many thanks in advance!

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