Enter Audi Radio Code Without Blocking Your Device Permanently

If you don’t know how to enter Audi radio code into your Audi radio here is a quick guide that will definitely help you through the process for unlocking.

Input Audi Code

Enter Audi Radio Code Guide

Finding the unlock code itself may be annoying too, as many people lose the codes and they don’t know where to start looking. I would recommend that you shouldn’t worry about it. There are many online calculators today that can easily calculate your Audi radio unlock doe based solely on the device’s serial number.

Another way to retrieve the code is also to contact the Audi manufacturer, the same one who installed the Audi radio into your Audi, or the seller where you purchased your device. In the last two instances the serial number would be of enormous help as well.

No one will be able to give you the code unless you know the serial number. But that’s easy to discover as it is definitely written on the side of your stereo.

How To Enter Audi Radio Code Step By Step

When you’re entering the Audi radio unlock code you need to have a few things in mind:

  1. That you only have a limited amount of attempts to punch in the correct code. (this normally varies between 3 to ten attempts)
  2. That all Audi radio devices do not apply the same principle of code entering. If you don’t keep the manual then you can try typing the code using the numbers or the touch screen, or in some cases only one button to enter all other numbers.
  3. You have to turn off your radio and wait for 15 minutes. Then turn it on again if something went wrong and you cannot enter the numbers until the end.

If you still cannot unlock your radio then you should definitely contact your Audi or Audi radio manufacturer. All because there may be some other issue than just the lock.

Good luck!

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