Remove Kenwood Car Stereo

Do you know how to remove a Kenwood car stereo with keys or without keys? For many automobile owners, Kenwood car stereos are a popular choice. They can be quickly and simply fitted in most automobiles and provide hours of pleasure while driving. Don’t worry if you need to remove your Kenwood stereo from your vehicle. This post will show you how to do it safely and damage-free.

How To Remove Kenwood Car Stereo With Keys

We’ll go over the various methods for removing a Kenwood car audio, as well as the tools required to complete the task. It’s worth noting that flip-out head units require extra caution when removing them in order to protect the display.

How To Remove Kenwood Car Stereo

The following is a step-by-step guide on uninstalling your Kenwood sound equipment from your vehicle:

Gather the necessary items. Technically, all you need are the keys that the manufacturer provides. However, we’ve found that they’re frequently too little and delicate for the job. If you want to safely remove your Kenwood vehicle stereo without destroying it or injuring yourself, keep a flat head screwdriver on hand.

Disconnect the battery and turn off the car. It’s always advisable to err on the side of caution, and turning off the car and disconnecting the battery before doing any work is always a good idea. This will keep the stereo system from being damaged during the removal process.
Disconnecting the battery entails disconnecting the battery’s negative terminal.

Take off the plastic frame. Look for the screws that secure your Kenwood car stereo. If you’re removing an earlier model, there may be a plastic frame covering these that needs to be removed before you can get to work. Remove the lid with your fingernail, a flat head screwdriver, or another prying instrument of your choosing and place it somewhere safe where it won’t get misplaced.

Take your Kenwood car stereo out of the car. After you’ve finished the preceding procedures, it’s time to get down to business and remove your car stereo from its dashboard location! The faceplate on most models must be off, although some types are removable from the automobile using the Kenwood keys provided.

Take It Out Of Dash Space One Step At A Time

Remove your Kenwood car stereo from the dashboard slowly and gently. After years of usage, the plastic material may have become brittle, so don’t rush this phase or apply too much pressure to avoid shattering or ruining the gadget. And because it has wires linked to your automobile at the back, if you apply too much force when removing it, you risk tearing some of those vital wire connections.

Disconnect Wires Now that you’ve removed the system from the enclosure, you’re just one step away from totally detaching the stereo from your vehicle. Take a snapshot of your phone’s wire connections so you can reconnect them simply when you put it back in. Carefully detach the cables after snapping the photo. As previously stated, the plastic connectors might become brittle after years of use. So, when exerting pressure, be gentle.

How To Remove Kenwood Car Stereo Without Keys

How To Remove Kenwood Car Stereo Without Keys

Many people lose the keys issued by the radio unit maker after several years of use. Don’t worry if you’re one of these people. To remove the gadget, you can purchase an aftermarket key set. To protect the gadget, we strongly advise utilizing a key, whether it’s from the manufacturer or aftermarket. The mechanism can be harmed if improper material is used inside the keyholes.

Our Advice For Removing Aftermarket Stereo Keys Is As Follows

  1. If you want to take a chance, here’s a step-by-step guide on removing the Kenwood vehicle stereo without using keys:
  2. Remove the battery and the plastic frame. This entails turning off the vehicle, disconnecting the car battery’s negative connection, and removing the audio system’s plastic frame.
  3. Use a metal piece that looks like a key. Then look for your Kenwood car stereo’s keyholes. If you can’t see them from the outside or the inside, it’s possible that they’re hidden deeper in the dashboard and will require more work to remove. You’ll need a flat metal item that resembles a key in shape. You can try to remove the stereo using those as keys. It may take a few attempts before you are able to finish the work at hand. Also, take care not to harm the audio unit by applying pressure with the metal piece.
  4. Disconnect the wires and detach the stereo. Then slowly and carefully separate the unit. If you’re not careful, or if you use too much force, you can harm your device.
  5. Disconnect the wires carefully once the stereo is out. Take a photo of it before disconnecting it so you can quickly reconnect them when you’re ready to put it back together.

Now you have all options about how to remove the Kenwood car stereo with keys or without keys! It’s up to you do you feel capable of completely removing the Kenwood car stereo by yourself!


What do we learn about how to remove the Kenwood car stereo with keys or without keys? You’ll need to remove the stereo from the car if you wish to upgrade your stereo system or make changes to the stereo space in the dash. While the procedure is straightforward if you have a pair of original keys, it can be time-consuming if you lose them.

How To Remove Kenwood Car Stereo

We recommend purchasing a set of aftermarket keys or enlisting the help of a friend who owns a similar system and has the keys. When you’re finished, make sure you detach the batteries! Then gently unhook the wires from the stereo to avoid damaging them during the removal process.

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