Mercedes Radio Code Generator

You should do this if you cannot power your Mercedes radio code device. What would you do if you woke up one morning, turned on the engine of your Mercedes, and turned on your Mercedes radio-ready for your routing morning trip, and all of the sudden you realize that there is no sound coming out of your code?

You will probably leave the matter for later when you will not be rushing anywhere and hope that the next time you start your Mercedes, the problem will be fixed. But that doesn’t happen; day after day you are driving to and from work, picking up and dropping your children off at school without any music to accompany you.

Mercedes Radio Code

Unlock Mercedes Radio Code Problem

What if I told you that you don’t have to do any of those things? What if I told you that you can fix this tiny problem while you wait for your kids to jump in the Mercedes or to fasten their seat belts? Are you still interested to hear what I have to tell you? Of course, so are!

So, keep calm and finish reading this article because here’s the solution to your Mercedes radio nightmare.

Your Mercedes radio probably stopped working out of the blue because your Mercedes batteries were completely depleted and you had to recharge them. This happens from time to time, and every time this happens the Mercedes radio devices react by shutting down partially. They would easily start working again as long as you manage to enter the correct key.

Mercedes Identity

Mercedes Radio Code Generator

This is not a way to trick you; It is simply a measure of precaution in case someone wants to steal your unlock code. So, don’t hate the Mercedes radio manufacturers, they only meant well. Plus they also enclosed the unlock code with the other guarantee leaflets. You can easily find it in case this happens.

But it’s ok if you cannot be bothered with searching for the old Mercedes radio box and its contents. You can discover that unlock code only by using the unlock Mercedes radio code generator tool.

This solution will bring you the original Mercedes radio unlocks key in only a few minutes. So, while you are waiting for the rest of your family to get ready you can spare a few moments and surprise them with their favorite tunes as of tomorrow morning.

So, in order to do this, here’s what you need to do:

Mercedes Radio Codes

Unlock Instructions

  1. Download and install the unlock Mercedes radio code generator on your laptop, tablet or even smart phone.
  2. Enter the serial number of your Mercedes radio and select the model and brand from the lists.
  3. Click generate Mercedes radio codes button and find the code in your email inbox. If it is not in the primary mail, check the spam or junk folders as well.
  4. Use the code you received to unlock your Mercedes radio and bring it back to life again!

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17 thoughts on “Mercedes Radio Code Generator

  1. Hi i cant download the calculator . Can U help me with a code for a radio Mercedes Citan 28115406RTJ060 serial number. thank u

  2. Hello
    I just can’t download the app on android phone and not on laptop so I decided to write here maybe you can help me.

    MF2910 /MF2199


  3. can i get the radio code for MF 2910 radio unit,
    radio serial number AL291040326761. Vin # to this Mercedes is WDBJF82J22X063083

  4. C
    7 620 000 009
    815 CM0009 D 1083273
    Made in Portugal
    034953 MB Truck Base Low
    A 000 446 36 62

    i need the radio code …tnx

  5. so their is no easy way to by pass this feature on these radios ours has been locked up for about 3 years and we dont even miss the radio now we had a disc player installed at the dealer and a new code was inputed and the battery went dead and radio locked and dealer doesnt have the new code they installed with the cd player

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