VW RCD 300 Radio Code Generator Unlocker For Free Decode

VW RCD 300 radio code problems all over Volkswagen owners. To many old cars with second or third owner. Owners that don’t have their radios codes that are require for unlocking the devices once they are showing locked screens. Problem that is too often and can’t be avoided from any user.

VW RCD 300 Radio Code

If you still have contact with the previous owner don’t wait and call him. He maybe still have the VW RCD 300 radio code combination that have the power to rework your device. This is the only method that will help you solve this issue for free without losing some time.

The first owner don’t keep this detail? Then you will find yourself in nasty situation. You can’t unlock your own Volkswagen RCD 300 car radio. In that case stay calm because you must know that to many wrong entering password attempts can block your device permanently!

The problem can be remove from your car with:

Unlock VW RCD 300 Radio Code Generator

You should use the main menu to download the VW RCD 300 radio code generating software on your computer. From there you can manage with it very easy thanks to the guidelines step by step that our team made for each VW user.

Follow the steps and you will receive your code in less then ten minutes. That combination is the same with the first one. First ever inputt from the original factory.

The regeneration procedure will give you weapon to fight the lock screen. Enter it with the radio button and remove the lock permanently. You should know that the code need to be written in your wallet because the same problem can show up in future if your Volkswagen radio code car system stay without electricity for some time.

Then in this case just repeat the whole inputting procedure! Your device will start work again.

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183 thoughts on “VW RCD 300 Radio Code Generator Unlocker For Free Decode

  1. Hi! I have radio RCD 300, and don’t have a code. Could you help me please?
    serial no: VWZ1Z2D8301838
    Thank you!!!

    1. Hi maybe someone can help with code for RCD300 Magic II
      1K0 035186T
      GRO 9.18438-6551
      G.HS 28-00 made in Portugal
      Hw 020
      SW 0023
      03942884800026 that is everything what I find on radio. Thanks

  2. Would you be so kind to send me the code for:
    Blaupunkt GMBH
    815 7 643 223 360 VWZ1Z2E2325671 VW RCD 300 Chrome BVX 1K0 035 186 P Made in Portugal Thank you.

  3. Welcome friends
    Can someone help with code ?
    Delphi P/N 28284543
    1K0 035 186 AA

    Assembled in PORTUGAL
    RCD310 EU
    SN:0513283 0203

    1. Good Day

      I need the code for my VW Polo Vivo 1.4 as the code written on top of the radio(4 digit code) is not being accepted and it’s not in my manual. The radio make is 6QS 035 182 A and the serial number is VWZ4Z4K6347876. Thank you

  4. Hi,
    Please help to get radio code.
    VW RCD 300
    I have original CodeCard:2645067=4, but it is not a 4 digit Code.

  5. Hello! I need code for my radio, can you please help me? Best regards from me, and thank you very much :)))
    Blaupunkt GMBH
    815 7 643 223 360
    VW RCD 300 Crrome BVX
    1KO 035 186 P
    Made in Portugal
    FD 3105
    HW 017
    SW 0023

  6. Good afternoon.
    Radio RCD 500 mp3 VWZ5Z7G1057348
    3C0 0335 195 B
    model CQ-EV1572G
    HW: 009 SW:0018
    Help get the code, Thank you.

    815 7 643 221 360
    VWZ1Z2E9449945 —RCD 300 BVX

    1KO 035 186 L
    Made in Portugal

    Radionr :

    Blocked by doughter…help please….

  8. Hello,
    I need the the Code for my VW RCD310 Radio with the Serialnumber VW-1K0035186AN.
    Can you generate the code ?

    Thank you very much.
    Günther B.

  9. Sir, Please help me get the unlock code for my RCD 300+
    Details is as below –
    Car Make/ Model – Volkswagen Jetta 2.0 TDI
    Year – 2012
    VIN – WVWB12169CA552227

    Audio Unit – RCD300+ (Desay SV Automotive)
    Audio Unit Serial No – 014VWZ6Z2K9000958P

  10. Hello! Could you help me to decode RCD300 1K0035186T
    S/N VWZ2Z2F1294133
    Thank’s in advance!

  11. Hello! Can you sand me ,the code of this radio,please??? : RCD300 Mp3 ( GRUNDIG)
    SN: VWZ2Z2G3790229 Thank’s a lot!!!

  12. Hello! Could you provide me with the radio code for RCD300 MP3 (Grundig).
    1K0 035 186 AF

    Thanks in advance!

  13. Hello, can you please help me with code for RCD 300 groundig made in portugal?

    Serial number is:

  14. Hello, can you please help me with code for RCD 300 groundig made in portugal?
    Serial number is:

  15. hello, can you please help me with a code for RCD 300 vwz2z2f1498332?
    I’ll be really happy

  16. Hello can you help with the code for rcd300
    815 7 646 281 360
    1K0 035 186AD
    Many thanks,

  17. My care radio :

    Model : cdx-m600r
    Serial no : 3557898

    Can you help me finding a working code ?

    Thank you.

  18. Hi,

    Can you please supply the radio code for VW2122G6347716.
    VWRCD 300 MP3 BVX

    Thanks in advance.

  19. i serch for code from RNS 300, Passat 3c/ 2008-2010
    Blaupunkt: 7 612 022 044

  20. Hi,
    Despite searching all over your website for the download programme for my Blaukpunkt I gave up in the end?
    Please have you got a code.
    Serial number: VWZ1Z2F1454312
    part no: 815 7646 229360

  21. Hallo!
    Ich möchte um Ihre Hilfe bitten! Ich habe das Radio in einem Volkswagen Touran ausgetauscht und nach einem Code gefragt!
    Number ist: WVGZZZ1TZ4W011826

  22. Hi!
    I have radio RCD 300 BLAUPUNKT, and don’t have a code.
    Could you help me please?
    serial no: VWZ1Z2G6309867
    Thank you!!!

  23. Hello,

    Could you help me please to find my radio code.

    Radio serial number : VWZ2Z2E1303727

    Thank you

    Best regards

  24. hello RCD 300 MP3 VW CD kódra lenne szűkségem VWZ2Z2G1755398 Magnóról lenne szó ha lehetne nincs códóm Elöre is köszönöm

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