VW Touareg Radio Code Generator Free Methods Online

The VW Touareg radio code generator is available for downloading whit full instructions on this page for free!

Software package that you need to have on your computer is also available for all user. This is the package that will prepare your computer for the common generation procedure.

The generator from this page is special for all Touareg car radios from any year on production. Before starting the download and generation procedure please just check all information about your screen locked device that you will need to provide it later. Those information are:

  • Touareg radio’s serial and security numbers combinations
  • Touareg radio’s exact model and year on production

All information can be found at the radio device. In some cases if you don’t keep this information whit the original package books you will need to remove the radio from your vehicle t write it down.

VW Touareg Radio Code

Once you have all this details you can start whit the following:

Unlock VW Touareg Radio Code Generation Procedure

Start the generation process whit this tool by completing the steps bellow:

  1. Download the required unlock VW Touareg radio code generator software on your computer,
  2. Then install it by click on the install button,
  3. After that open the decoder from the new icon on your desktop,
  4. Then you should enter all details about security and serial numbers, exact model and year on production,
  5. At the end press the generate button,
  6. After some time not longer than three minutes you will get your original VW Touareg radio code on your screen.

Then it’s only about your possibility to enter this key in your Touareg‘s radio. Enter it and your radio should perform all workable operations like completely new device.

The unlocking process is permanent so once your device wants the VW Touareg radio code from you just insert the same key again. Good luck!

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19 thoughts on “VW Touareg Radio Code Generator Free Methods Online

  1. Hello
    plz dear cane u help me with the code of this serial number VWZ1Z7D4108333
    which is belongs to a Touareg 2006

  2. Hi
    please could you help me with the code of this serial number thanks

    VWZ1Z216668869 blaupunkt gmbh
    1K0035186AA VW PASSAT 3cb6

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