Ram Promaster Radio Code Generator

Did you know that now you can solve your unlock Ram Promaster radio code problem permanently via unlocking the online decoding generator service? If you don’t it’s the right time for you to know this information that has already saved a lot of blocked Ram radio devices.


Decoder service allows you to decode any particular Ram Promaster radio code only if you provide some unique data about that device. Data that you can find for sure on the device if you remove it from your vehicle.

In some cases, there is no need to remove the device but you must keep original books that someone before you got when he bought the car. But probably you don’t have information in the book so you will have to go on the difficult way and method.

Once you remove the Ram Promaster radio write this four details about the device:

  • serial number
  • security number
  • year on production
  • model
Ram Promaster

Then if you get all the required information you can begin with the:

Unlock Ram Promaster Radio Code Decoding Procedure

Start the decoding Ram Promaster radio code procedure by completing the following steps:

  • Download the Promaster generation software,
  • Then install it on any workable computer,
  • Open the tool and have a look on required information that the service wants from you,
  • Then enter the Promaster’s radio serial number,
  • Enter security number too,
  • Select year on production,
  • At the end select the model,
  • Press decode button and wait your radio code arrival!

Once you unlock the radio key arrives just enter it properly in your locked device. Then the Promaster radio will start working again.

Ram Promaster Radio Code

Don’t be afraid that this situation can repeat sometime in the future because you will be able to solve it again with the same Promaster code that you already get! Good luck!

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