BMW RDS Radio Code Generator

How to generate the forgotten unlock key for your BMW RDS radio code device? If you own your BMW RDS radio for more than a couple of years then it is quite normal that you do remember the unlock radio code or that you have thrown the piece of paper where it was written.


This is not a code that is used every day or upon every turn-on of the RDS code so that is why it can be easily forgotten.

There are several ways you can try in order to recuperate your BMW RDS radios unlock code. Some of the options include even calling the seller where the BMW RDS radio device was bought from. This is quite a normal option and widely acceptable, except that it requires a lot of waiting or maybe even making a payment.

BMW RDS Radio Code Decoding Factory System

If you want to avoid the long wait or the expenses then maybe you can try the BMW RDS radio code generator software.

BMW RDS Radio Code

It works on all sorts of radio devices that even specialized radio shops use for cases like the one we are discussing now.

How does it work?

Like the all familiar software apps, this one too is very easy and simple to use. The list of instructions is quite short. Really so I will just post it for you now so you what to do! Immediately after you finish the downloading and installation procedures.

So, first, you open the BMW RDS radio code generator software on your tablet or laptop. Open the program. Then select the model and brand of your RDS code.

The next step contains the correct input of the device’s serial number. Check it twice if necessary. This is the all-important step of the operation.


Finally, enter your email address and select generate code.

You have followed through these three simple steps? All you have to do is wait patiently! Your code will be there, sent to your email, in no time.

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  1. Have nice day

    I need phlips rds code pls help me
    65.12 – 8 379 230
    KW 51/99 INDEX 00


    greatfuly thanks

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