Volkswagen Radio Code Generator Workable On Any VW Model

If you still cannot find the code for your now locked Volkswagen radio code device, then it is probably time to ask yourselves what you are doing wrong. If you haven’t figured the code by now, you will most certainly not figure it out in the future as well.

Volkswagen Radio Codes

The Easiest Method For Fixing Your Volkswagen Radio Code

Assuming that the trouble with your Volkswagen radio is not of a hardware nature then we are here to help.
The moment you run out of chances to enter any code on your radio it becomes blocked and it gets automatically shut for good.

Other than that we can tackle every problem, with any Volkswagen radio device ever produced. The Unlock Volkswagen VW Radio Code Generator is here to show you how miracles are done, even if you stopped believing in them.
So, far this is the fastest code generating solution and you will be glad if you get the app today, because you will be getting it for free. There are not too many opportunities like this one, so if I were you, I wouldn’t waste it.

Unlock Volkswagen Radio Code Generator

Just scan through this text and discover how the tool works so you can rapidly fic the problem your facing with the unlock code on your Volkswagen radio.
We don’t ask any questions, and we don’t care how you happened to lose your Volkswagen radio code. It can happen to anyone, at any time. But we are not here to sulk or to judge. We are here to put a smile on your face. That process starts with the download of the free Unlock Volkswagen Radio Code Generator.

Just like any other software application tool. This one too has its terms and condition. You will have to accept in order to proceed. No personal information will ever be disclosed and the unlock code you will generate thanks to the Unlock Volkswagen Radio Code Generator will work 100 %.
All you have to know is the serial number of your Volkswagen radio and how to enter the new code. Different models have different input methods, but that is hardly worth to discuss. It is super simple so you probably already know all possible options.

Volkswagen Radio Code

How To Use The Volkswagen Radio Generator

Download the Unlock Volkswagen Radio Code Generator. Then you can open it on your mobile phone or tablet. Then start using it from there.

Don’t panic if you don’t get it in five minutes, because it will surely be yours in the next five.
This is the most efficient code generating tool ever produced. So you will be losing a great deal if you gamble this opportunity away. Don’t fail to get the Unlock Volkswagen Radio Code Generator right now!

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602 thoughts on “Volkswagen Radio Code Generator Workable On Any VW Model

  1. Thanks for the good write up. It in reality was a entertainment account it. Look complicated to more added agreeable from you! By the way, how can we communicate?

  2. I get the PIN code radio Blaupunkt RCD300 Touran 2003 year.
    Radio nr. *014VWZ1Z2C60108444*
    Thank you and best regards 🙂

  3. hello there. please help me with this serial VWZAZ1H4726937. thankyou. it is a used vw model that i have bought but i dont have the code.

  4. After 9 years the radio is kaput. Vw is not repairing this model anymore and is not able to supply a new one either. A privat workshop managed to repair it, but for the code I must pay extra. I bought security and now is working against me. Silly.

    RCD500 mp3

  5. Hello, can you please provide me code for my radio for passat B6. Serial nummber from radio is:

    Blaupunkt GmbH
    7 612 002 044
    BNO 881

  6. Hi. I need radio code for Golf VI
    2010 year.
    Radio serial number is: VWZ1Z2K8110054

    Hope to receive information from you as soon as possible

  7. I need code for golf WVWZZZ1KZ7W085476

    and radio SN: VWZ1Z7F6400072

    Can somebody help me with this, thanks!

  8. So great to see that we all help each other 🙂

    I have a New Beetle from 2010 with a VW Gamma CD player. Lost the code as well.

    Serial: VWZ4Z5K1250839,


  9. Hi!
    My RCD510 asked for a code without having disconnected battery nor anything else…
    Appreciate your help.

  10. hello,
    can you please help me to get the code for my :

    VW RCD 300 MP3 BVX ”1K0 035 186 AD”

    Thanks for your help

  11. Hi from Australia,
    I need the code from 2010 VW Golf GTI, stereo display unit.



  12. HI!
    PLEASE HELP WITH CODE VW RNS 315 EU made by technisat 2012
    3C0 035 279N

  13. Hello,
    I need the code for Golf Plus year 2011 – RCD 310 MP3 made by BLAUPUNKT:
    thank you very much

  14. hello,
    can you please help me to get the code for my :
    VW RCD 300 vw Passat I’m appreciate

  15. Hi. Please help me to decode my vw gamma radio. VWZ1Z3D7482759.
    Blaupunkt VW Gamma BVX 7 648 231 360 Volkswagen 1J0 035 186E. Thanks.

  16. hello,
    can you please help me to get the code for my Radio (VW TOURAN car)
    blaupunkt GMBH
    BNO 881
    7 612 002 021
    Made in germany
    Radio navigation
    1TO 035 194 A
    thank you very much

  17. Hi ;
    Help me Please I need code
    CQ-JV1872G Panasonic
    RCD210 mp3
    I search everywhere you are my last hope

  18. Please radio code for:
    blaupunkt GMBH
    BNO 881
    7 612 002 021
    Made in germany
    Radio navigation
    1TO 035 194 A

  19. Code for Blaupunkt GMBH vw RCD300 BVX
    815 7 642 223 360 1KO O35 186 D


  20. Hi, I need the radio code for VW Golf 4, year 2003, Radio-Navigation-System MCD, serial nuber: VWZ1Z2D4033293. Thanks for your help.

  21. Hi,
    How can i get the code for unlocking for my SEAT leon Car Radio
    Radio type MFD. Nr SEZ1Z7D4154301
    Seat Radio Navigation S1MO 035 191 B

    Thanks Mentko Kolk

  22. Hello !
    thank you very much for this post ! you made happy too much of vw user !
    i’m the next one who will get this smile please if you can help me with this radio

    THANK YOU AGAIN ONCE ! i hope you can help me i drive 200km per day and without radio !

  23. Hello. Hab YouTube Please help meine. If you are able could you please supply code for VW Passat.
    7 612 002 064
    BMP 881
    Made in Germany
    Radio Navigation
    1K0 035 198 B
    Serial number is
    Thank you.

  24. Dear Team,

    I kindly ask you to help me to get the code for the belov device:

    VW RCD 300 MP3
    1K0 035 186 AD
    GRO 9.18491-8151 G.HT. 06-00
    Made by Grundig in Portugal
    S/N: VWZ2Z2G1976908

    HW 033

  25. Hello. Please if you can help me for my MFD code.
    BLAUPUNKT GMBH 7 612 002 064 / BNO 881 / Made in Germany
    Radio Navigation 1K0 035 198 B
    Serial number : VWZ1Z7F6189937

  26. Hello, can i get the code for an VW Blaupunkt Radio Navigation System MCD
    7 612 001 706
    BNO 881
    1JO 035 191 CX
    Thank you!

  27. Hi there

    Is it possible that you can help me get my code for my RCD 210:

    VIN : WVWZZZ6RZDY096054

    RADIO SN: VWZ5Z1MO754766

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance

  28. Hello friends !
    I need a code for vw alpha stereo Blaupunkt

    Thank you very much in advance, I appreciate your time and dedication to answer to all of these numerous requests !!

  29. i desperately need the code for my vw mk5 stereo i bought online. you my last hope:


    hoping to hear from you soon.
    thank you

      1. hello,

        the pin you gave to decode my car radio did not work. can you give it a try again please?

        re: i desperately need the code for my vw mk5 stereo i bought online. you my last hope:


  30. Hello

    Can you please assist me with the unlock code for my VW Premium 6 radio for a VW Passat B5?

    This is the radio’s Serial Number:



  31. Please help as there is no download page or option to download the radio code calculator.

    Can you please find my code for VW Passat radio?

    Serial number is


  32. Hi,
    I am looking for a code for a Volkswagen Rhapsody headunit #VWZAZ6E3410464. I am from New Zealand so there are few options to get hold of the code…

  33. hello ,

    i need help in getting my VW Golf 6 radio code
    Radio s/n VWZ6Z7J6037011 . I got code 0426 from VW garage here in Botswana and it is not working

  34. Здравейте трябва ми код.vw GAMMA.BLAUPUNKT GMBH GAMMA BVX СЕР.НОМЕР VWZ1Z3B6914501

  35. Hi, can pls some good angel send me radio code for my girlfriend´s Polo?
    RCD-210 Serial is: VW ZAZ 1I8511249 (7-th place is big i not 1)
    Thank you in advance!!!

  36. Hello, do you have a code for my VW Radio (BOSCH) with the number VWZ1Z2L3157882? Aditional Info: FD 3311, HW 031, SW 0075. Thank you

  37. Hi, can you pleas provide me a code for my panasonic rcd 210 mp3 2009 from VW Golf 6.


    I can’t wothout music! 🙂


  38. Hello, I really need your help I can not find this type of car radio code.
    7 612 002 022
    BNO 881
    7L6 035 191 N
    help me.
    Thank you in advance.

  39. I Have a 2001 VW Beetle with a Radio showing SAFE on the display.

    The Radio’s 14 digit number is VWZ4Z7A1007215

    May I please get the 4 digit unlock code for this Radio.

    Thank you for all your help!

  40. Please Help! I have a Delphi model 12206529 Radio VW Model IC0 035 157 D showing SAFE on the display and I need a 4 digit Code to Clear the SAFE message,

    The Serial number is : VWZ4Z7A1007215

    Thanks for your help.

  41. may i ask for a help on recovering my pin code on my BLAUPUNKT Radio Navigation with a serial of VWZ1Z7E5191859, BNO 881