Universal Delphi Radio Code Generator For Every Delphi Car Radio

Universal Delphi radio code generator that is compatible with every Delphi car radio model over the years is available from us for every user with screen lock in his vehicle. We will together remove this screen lock that don’t allow you to use your radio device with all it’s functions properly!

Delphi Radio Code

Unlock Delphi Radio Code Generator

The unlock code generator can be used using two different methods! The first method allow you to download the generating software directly from this website’s downloading section. Once you get the generator open it on any computer or mobile phone ( our device is workable on any Windows, MAC, Linux, Android or iOS operative systems version ), insert your device’s original serial number combination and hit the generating button at the bottom.

Your unlock radio code will show up on your screen after a couple of seconds. Then you need to complete the final step from this procedure. Use the Delphi radio code that you get and input it into your locked Delphi radio using it’s front buttons! The entering method can be different from Delphi model to model but it is really simple! You don’t have a problem but if you do please visit our Youtube channel where you will find entering guide step by step for sure for any Delphi radio model!

Delphi Radio Code Generator

The second unlock Delphi radio code decoding method is even more simpler. In this method you need to leave comment at the bottom on this post. Comment that contain your Delphi radio’s serial number and your workable valid email address.

Delphi Radio Codes

If you choose this method then our team will complete the regeneration procedure for you! It is possible with using the serial number that you will provide. Then finally you will receive your original radio code directly on your email address. ( The one that you will use when you will leave the comment). The last step you need to finish by yourself manually! You need to enter the radio code into your screen locked Delphi radio device!

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36 thoughts on “Universal Delphi Radio Code Generator For Every Delphi Car Radio

    1. Hallo.
      Please help me and pass me the code for my car radio. It has serial
      Thanx in advance! Chilled beer for all!!

  1. Hello dear radio code team,

    I lost the code of my 2011 Skoda Roomster radio Swing with the serial number:

    It is a Delphi radio oem number:
    5J0 035 161 D

  2. I have two 2002 beetles both have the radio with cassette player. I bought two radios with CD player at the junk yard. Could you help me with the radio codes please?

    Radio 1 serial# VWZ4Z7D3008387
    Radio 2 serial# VWZ4Z7D0002371

    1. Hi,
      Radio code for my Volvo fh radio, Please.
      Delphi part no. 28327789
      PKG 28032127
      Thank You!

  3. Que tal ocupo el código para un estereo de tiguan

    Vw radio MD RVC RD..

    815 7 649 299 360


  4. Hi, can you generate the code for mine too pls?
    HW VER: 28252883
    SW VER:16


    Thank you 🙂

  5. Please Help…..I had to replace my old radio and now have bought a used Delphi so I am asking you to supply me with the 4 digit code to turn on my Delphi. MY Delphi’s radio code is VWZ4Z6L3132282

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