Universal Delphi Radio Code Generator For Every Delphi Radio

Universal Delphi radio code generator that is compatible with every Delphi car radio model over the years is available from us for every user with a screen lock in his vehicle. We will together remove this screen lock that doesn’t allow you to use your radio device with all its functions properly!

Delphi Radio Code

Unlock Delphi Radio Code Generator

The unlock code generator can be used using two different methods! The first method allows you to download the generating software directly from this website’s downloading section. Once you get the generator open it on any computer or mobile phone ( our device is workable on any Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, or iOS operative systems version ), insert your device’s original serial number combination, and hit the generating button at the bottom.

Your unlock radio code will show up on your screen after a couple of seconds. Then you need to complete the final step from this procedure. Use the Delphi radio code that you get and input it into your locked Delphi radio using its front buttons! The entering method can be different from the Delphi model to model but it is really simple! You don’t have a problem but if you do please visit our Youtube channel where you will find entering guide step by step for sure for any Delphi radio model!

Delphi Generator

The second unlock Delphi radio code decoding method is even simpler. In this method, you need to leave a comment at the bottom of this post. The comment contains your Delphi radio’s serial number and your workable valid email address.

Delphi Radio Codes

If you choose this method then our team will complete the regeneration procedure for you! It is possible with using the serial number that you will provide. Then finally you will receive your original radio code directly from your email address. ( The one that you will use when you will leave the comment). The last step you need to finish by yourself manually! You need to enter the radio code into your screen-locked Delphi radio device!

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98 thoughts on “Universal Delphi Radio Code Generator For Every Delphi Radio

  1. Hello! I think that this is the information you require, please let me know if you need something else, thank you!

    PN28361601 SN0014771 2289

    Many thanks!

    1. Delphi Dorian Bt
      HW ver 28533580
      SW ver R17
      Type no FJ5 RBT M16
      S/N 00088
      FGA P/N 0520594880

      1. Hej
        Er der nogle der kan hjælpe mig.
        Mangler code til Delphi car radio til Fiat punto 0 9 årgang 2015.
        HW VER: 28342927
        SW VER 034

    2. Delphi electronics and safety

      Delphi part no. 26322131

      P/N 21713795 (assembly)
      P/N 21713802 (HW)

      Please, I need code

    1. Good day

      Please send me the radio code for Delphi radio with the following :

      Supplier serial number: F103001
      Reference number : A3822
      Supplier part number: 11j
      Supplier : 970548194

      Thank you

      1. Please see info below for Delphi radio fitted in a Fiat Punto

        HW VER 28377907
        P.N. 7355539210

    1. Hallo
      Ik heb een code nodig voor mijn fiat delphi radio.
      F199 FL EUR
      HW nummer is 28280207
      ONDERDEELNUMMER 7355261540

  2. Witam potrzebuję kodu do mojego Delphi Radio BT/DAB 5802256358

    HW: 28628386
    SW: R10.03.0310
    TYPY No: FJ5 RBT M16
    BT ver: BC08csr8311
    SUPPLIER No:134111
    PROD DATE:18-13


  3. Witam potrzebuję kodu do mojego Delphi
    SW 0010
    HW H08
    P/N 28497742
    Sirius ESN 069009127185

  4. ahoj prosim o kod Delphi Radio BT/DAB
    10R-05 13773
    BT VER.BC08CSR8311
    SUPPLIER No:134111
    SN:0134049 8116
    RDo-CHNI IVECO Daily 75510116630014

    1. Hallo , ik heb de code nodig voor mijn fiat doblo delphi radio .

      Hw : 28302832
      Onderdeel nummer : 7355344040

      Alvast bedankt

  5. Hello i need a code for my delphi radio F250 FL
    HW VER 28315734
    SW VER 01
    PROD DATE 2711


  6. Hi, I need a code for a ford KA – B420 LOW

    HW version 28223222
    SW version 17
    production date 4709

    serial no 7354765220

  7. Ciao, ho bisogno di codice radio per Fiat Punto Evo Delphi

    HW 28405889
    SW 051
    N° 7355978790
    SN 35370417821014

  8. Dear Sirs are you able to get a code for an Audi A1 2012 Delphi unit if so what numbers off of it do you need please?

    1. HW: 28628386 SW : R10.03.0310 Type no FJ5 rbt M16 BT ver : BC08CSR8311 S/N : 00012 Prof dáte : 18-15 Rádio bt/dab 5802256358 10R-05- 13773

  9. Hallo heel graag een code voor mijn fiat doblo Delphi radio .

    Hw ver : 28302832
    Onderdeel nummer : 7355344040

  10. Please can you supply Delphi radio code

    HW VER : 28262041
    SW VER : 03
    PROD DATE : 3210


  11. HW: 28628386
    SW : R10.03.0310
    Type no FJ5 rbt M16
    BT ver : BC08CSR8311
    S/N : 00012
    Prof dáte : 18-15
    Rádio bt/dab 5802256358

    10R-05- 13773

  12. Citroen Relay

    DELPHI 7355968502826596231307709
    SN 0015895
    PROD DATE 4512

  13. hi, i have a delphi b420 low i need the code for

    hw ver : 28301675
    sw ver: 18
    prod date: 0412

    Many thanks in advance

  14. Hi, my existing CD 40 USB radio for my Vauxhall Corsa is broken and I want to replace it with a second hand one which I bought from local vehicle dismantlers but do not have the codes. The details are:
    Delphi 497 316 088
    No: 13466743

    Can you help me please?

  15. Good afternoon. Please send the radio code. 1K0 035 180 AE DELPHI VWZ4Z7L1136314C. I’ll be very thankful.

    1. HW VER: 28280207
      SW VER: 17
      PROD. DATA: 3510

      F199FL EUR

  16. F250 FL
    CAN 29BIT

    HW VER:28378684
    SW VER:046
    PROD DATE 4413
    ODM No:2502
    Made in Portugal
    CODE ?
    Thank You !

  17. HW VER: 28302832
    SW VER: 18
    PROD. DATE: 1811

    F263 EUR

  18. Hello, Just bought replacement Fiat Punto EVO radio for my Daughter’s car. serials are:-
    HW VER: 28302823
    SW VER: 18
    Prod Date 3511
    199FL EUR
    All help much appreciated

  19. Autoradio Delphi Fiat Doblo’
    HW VER:28361453
    SW VER:045


  20. Code needed for 2011 Silverado z71

    PN 20934593

    89AA M6M2 3080 1943

    PN 28256335

  21. Hello

    I need the code for a Fiat Punto Evo F199FL EUR
    HW VER: 28302823
    SW VER: 18
    serial 19252387130001
    prd.date 4611

  22. Buonasera, avrei bisogno del codice di sblocco di un autoradio Delphi F199FL EUR per Fiat punto 2013
    HW VER: 28378674
    PROD. DATE: 2713
    SW VER: 046
    ODM NO: 0114
    CAN29bit S&S
    S/N: 33380209120043

  23. Beste

    Mijn autoradio van mijn fiat punto is kapot, heb een andere radio gekocht maar bij het installeren vraagt hij een code, die heb ik dus niet. Hopelijk kunnen jullie mij helpen?

    Merk auto : Fiat punto
    HW VER : 28280207
    SW VER : 17
    Prod. date : 2810

    1. Please code for my radio delphi f250 FL
      HW: 28377918
      SW: 046
      Prod.date: 1413

  24. Hi need the radio code it is blocked
    HW VER: 28378680
    SW VER: 046
    PROD. DATE: 4013
    ODM No: 9065
    F263 DORIAN
    Vauxhall combo

  25. Delphi B420 LOW (Ford KA)
    HW VER: 28281020
    SW VER: 017
    PROD. DATE: 4010
    Serial number 2370282810201027700662
    Need unlock code please.

  26. Radio Delphi BT/DAB 5802256358
    s/n 00176
    potrzebuje kod do radia

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