VW Amarok Radio Code Generator

How to fix your VW Amarok radio code device easily?  VW Amarok devices can stop working for so many different reasons. Luckily, one of the most frequent reasons for VW Amarok radio malfunction is the lock activation.

VW Amarok

VW Amarok Radio Code

VW Amarok radio code devices come in locked anyway. The seller your you unlocks it the first time it is installed in your vehicle and after that, the lock request rarely occurs, but when it does you should know the code that was originally punched. For some of us, this can pose a greater problem than it sounds. Rarely memorize or keep the unlock code of a VW Amarok radio device bought several years ago. So, this situation can be everything but pleasant.


Luckily, there is this tool that I like very much. The tool in question is the software tool, which can help you out in a situation of a VW Amarok radio lock.

The generating software tool is compatible with almost all known VW Amarok radio models and brands. Even if your brand is not on the list you can make a personal request to the developers of the tool and you will get your shot to generate the unlock code for your VW Amarok radio unit.

Radio Code Generator

One fun fact about the Amarok code generating software tool is that it is completely and absolutely free.  You don’t have to make a purchase and you will still have it installed onto your computer, laptop, and tablet and now even onto your mobile phone device.

Before using the tool make sure that you discover your radio’s serial number. You can do this by checking the serial number labels on the packaging box or on the radio itself. Hopefully, they are still there!  Then, just write down the serial number and open the device where the Amarok generating software tool was installed.

VW Amarok Radio Code

Open the app and start the VW radio code generating procedure.

Enter your serial number and select the brand of the device.

Provide your email address and click GENERATE.

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