BMW Anti Theft Radio Code Generator

What would you do if your BMW anti-theft radio code stops working? When your BMW radio stops working all of the sudden there is one thing that u must do first: have a good look at your device and figure out if the problem is software connected or not.

BMW Anti Theft

Code Problem

If you cannot determine the nature of your problem then call a friend. To determine if the problem is about the software part of your anti-theft code it doesn’t take much knowledge and expertise.

It will automatically show on the display of your device.  You will know what it is as soon as you turn on your BMW radio code screen.  You will receive a code request. That can only mean one thing! Your BMW radio is not damaged or broken at all, and you can easily fix it.

BMW Anti Theft Radio Code

In other words that means that for some reason your BMW radio is locked. We are experts with locked BMW radio devices! This means that if you keep reading this short article you are about to become one, yourself. Take the matters into your own hands and deal with the BMW anti-theft radio code lock issue like a professional.

BMW Anti Theft Radio Code Solution

The first step after establishing the locked state of the device! Download the anti-theft software tool.

Just follow the step-by-step instructions after you open the BMW anti-theft radio code software tool and in no more than 15 minutes you will have the right code to enter into your locked BMW radio device.

BMW Anti Theft Codes

You want o be able to generate the correct BMW radio unlock code with this tool? Then you will have to find out  some information! The serial number or your radio, its brand and model (this one is optional).

Once you have the code you can give it a test immediately. Just turn on your BMW radio and wait the display w the request message to appear. Then, just punch in the code you generated and your BMW radio will work once again as it did before.

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