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    údaje radia:
    ATEST 8SD1426
    SK 0015

    1. can help me with a code from MB 190?
      Radio Serial is B4702350; Radio Becker Europa 2000 BE1100.

      I can’t find your calculator.
      Please link to me in email

  2. I have completed the process, but the download of the code calculator did not start. I have sent you via email the proof. Please reply.

  3. i need an unlock code for kenwwod dnx5140 serial # 81100961


  4. Please I need code for a Clarion sat nav radio on
    Honda crv2010. Serial No. CLJICBA40004552
    TYPE 9953485. Thanks

  5. Click the download button no response, can not download, how do I operate?
    Below the button is a hint:After successful participation of an offer your download will begin automatically.

  6. Please, can you help with a radio code calculator for Nissan Juke 2012,
    Serial number = 9768002
    Device number = 7612830090

    Your help is appreciated.

  7. Hy try to unlock
    I cant find My Kenwood Model on the Page
    It is a Kenwood DNX8220BT
    Serial KE1470W0500548
    Thanks in Advance

    1. I followed the instructions in the email and placed an order but the download wouldn’t start have tried twice to no avail

  8. I have a Delco Electronics Radio I am trying to unlock here is a information on the tag of the radio, Ser Man 3, RDB
    Part NO. 10346985 Prod ID:2001 At the bottom of the tag is a Bar Code Number wish is *89RDB D131540086*

  9. Please indicate how to download the radio code generator. Clicking on the ‘start download’ comes back with garbage applications I don’t need and don’t want.

  10. Hi
    Where is the link to download the unlock CD80 generator software package for Rover 75??
    Many Thanks

  11. Hello friend, I have a Citroën Nemo and my radio is blocked. Could you help me find the code.
    I really appreciate it, thank you.

    CM-Nr. 7640342316

  12. Hi, Can you please help me with code for my granddaughter’s Seat Ibiza 2009. Battery died.

    Serial SEZ1Z2I6315254
    Thank you

  13. I need code for Volvo radio model SC811 serial number is B60245213B. Please find the code for me.
    Thank you.

  14. I may try to install it an old car … but: …
    You will be very kind to figure out from what Honda car is a Honda Radio/CD/Tape w/ the following data /sticker and the code?
    P/N: 39101-S9A-A510-M1
    REF# MU915AO
    Serial # EKB24009112
    Manufactured 2004 in Japan
    12 v; 4-8 ohm

  15. hi
    Can you please help us sith security code for KENWOOD Radio model DMX8020S
    Serial 135X0342
    Year : 2020


  16. hi, i cant see a direct link for the RADIO CODES CALCULATOR for suzuki, can you send me the link to download directly

  17. hi good day sit/ma

    am engineer kamal from Nigeria, please know maybe is possible for my company to get a direct Mercedes Benz anti-theft code app from your good company am a Mercedes Benz specialist I work on only Benz sir to I need the tools for radio code calculator for my work.


  18. Hi, I can’t see a direct link for the RADIO CODES CALCULATOR for Hyundai i40, can you send me the link to download directly?

  19. bitte um Rückmeldung ich möchte die datei runterlanden aber sobald man drauf klickt kommt die seite erneut zur start seite schicken sie mir die datei

  20. bonjour
    je suis à la recherche du code sur mon autoradio suite à débranchement de batterie, malheureusement
    ce code est effacé sur le papier blanc qui a été collé…
    je vous communique donc les coordonnées l: PU-2294A(C) série : CL0401207583809

  21. Good morning,
    I would like you to send me the radio code for Nissan Juke detailed below:

    Serial No.: DS13N02357
    Part No: 281851KA2A
    Production date: 11 03 10
    Best regards,

  22. Hi, just wondering if you can point me to the download link for the radio code generator, it just asks me to download Microsoft stuff

  23. Hi, please can you help as I am looking for the radio code generator download link but cannot find it anywhere on this site, I just keep asked to download stuff I do not want on my computer.

    Thanl you in advance and hope you can send me to link or guide me to where it is on your site🤞🤞👍

  24. Hello –

    Do you happen to have the factory stereo wiring diagram for a 2023 Hyundai i20? Specifically, I need the speaker wire colors sending the signal from the radio to the speakers. Thanks

  25. hi please can you help me with code for tomtom satnav radio citroen relay 2020

    VIN VF7YDBNFC12P38645


  26. Hola 👋 por favor código para el radio de acura rdx 2009 s/n: 30900398
    Hi, please radio code for acura rdx 2009 s/n: 30900398

  27. 02 Volv
    o C70 Radio SC-901
    8670910-4969 0046
    Japan serial no
    eIRL 020051
    In service book is1622 code but is incorrec

  28. Hello!
    How can I downlod your car radio code calculator available here?

    I do not finde any button for download!


  29. You talk at great length about Buick Regal Radio Code Generator
    however I cannot find where and how to download

  30. Please supply codes for the following

    AL7RV710W081182 – AMR6284

    AL7RV710X0319974 – AMR6284

    AL7RV10X0320036 – AMR6284

    AL7RV710QX0922422B – XQD10155OLNF

    AL7RV710QZ0835611B – XQD10155OLNF

    AL7RV710QY0930792B – XQD10155OLNF

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