Dacia Radio Code From VIN Number

How to find the Dacia radio code from VIN number? Here on this page, you will find a new method to get your lost Dacia code. There is no need for you to use the Dacia radio’s serial number. This new method includes the vehicle VIN number. Know that this method will work only if your radio device is the original one for the Dacia vehicle. The radio was the first ever radio in that particular vehicle.

Dacia Radio Code From Vin Number

If you have the serial number (and you don’t need to remove the radio from its place to find it), you can use the standard Dacia calculator! If you don’t know the radio’s serial then we recommend you use this method to find your Dacia radio code from VIN number!

How To Get Dacia Radio Code From VIN Number

All you need to have to use this method is the Dacia vehicle’s VIN number! If you know this number then you are eligible to start the retrieval procedure. So if you don’t know the VIN number then we recommend you visit our guide on how to find the Dacia VIN combination.

If you already know your VIN, then start to complete the steps from the guide below:

  1. Visit the appropriate calculating page.
  2. There insert your vehicle’s VIN number combination.
  3. Select your Dacia’s year on production.
  4. Insert your phone number and valid email address (we recommend you use gmail.com email).
  5. Insert your ZIP code.
  6. Click on the “submit” button at the bottom of the page.
Dacia Radio Removal

Once everything is done from your side, you just need to wait a couple of hours. After that time, on your email address, you will receive a new message that contains your original Dacia radio code.

Enter process

Finally, once you get your Dacia radio code with your VIN, you are just a step from the real unlocking process. You need to enter the code manually into your locked device. Once you enter the code the device will work, and you will listen to music once again in your vehicle.

The entering process is very simple. Use the front radio’s button to insert all digits from the Dacia radio code combination, one by one.

Dacia Radio Code From VIN

The code that you now have is really important! You need to write it in a safe place. You will probably need to use it again if you have some electricity problems!

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