Enter Nissan Radio Code

How to enter Nissan radio code practically? The first indicator that will show you that your Nissan radio is actually locked is the message you will see on the Nissan radio screen upon turning it on.  This should be either “UNLOCK” or “CODE”. So, if you see one of these two messages then you should know for certain that your radio is locked.

How To Enter Nissan Radio Code

The lock is something like a safety feature that now almost all Nissan radio devices have. It is somewhat of an anti-theft solution that has proven to be a clever one over the years.

Enter Nissan Radio Code Step By Step Guide

However, we are here today not to discuss the positive aspects of the Nissan radio lock activation but to discuss how to successfully unlock the radio and how to successfully apply the Nissan radio unlock code.

Enter Nissan Radio Code

It is only natural that different enter Nissan radio code models would have different input methods. Every Nissan radio manufacturer chooses one of the two input methods:

  1. Using the numbers on screen or the numbers on the buttons to enter the code.
  2. Or, use the button marked as 1 to enter all the other numbers of which Nissan radio unlock code have.

There is nothing much to say about the first method. It is pretty simple and straight forward and you cannot mess it up. However, the second method can be somewhat tricky especially if you’re not patient enough. If your Nissan radio’s code input uses the second method then here’s what you need to do:

Write the Nissan radio unlock code on a piece of paper.  The codes have only 4 digits. So, for the sake of practicality let’s say that your code is 1122. To enter the number 1 you should only pres once.

Input Nissan Code

That press is that one that will enter Nissan radio code software. To enter the number two you should press two times. If there is a number 5 in the code then you should press the button five consecutive times.

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