Blaupunkt Radio Code Generator Unlock Any Car Device

Unlock Blaupunkt radio code generator available for free download on this page bellow! Out of all the fancy gadgets you have in your Blaupunkt how could the gadget that you rely on the most stop working! It is annoying as hell when all of a sudden the Blaupunkt radio you have owned for year stops working.

Only then do you realize how much you counted on the tiny piece of equipment. The screens and monitors, the Bluetooth and the GPS units are something that we have started using until recently. We were absolutely fine before they appeared and entered our lives, but the Blaupunkt radio was with us for the start. Normally we buy the Blaupunkt radio the moment we purchase our new Blaupunkt.

Unlock Blaupunkt Radio Code Generator

These two simply go together! So I understand if you’re feeling a little bit annoyed by the fact that your Blaupunkt radio is stuck all of the sudden and it won’t start playing unless you enter this unlock code. The first thought that enters your mind is I remember it, I will deal with this. But after the first attempt to enter the correct code you realize just how wrong you were.

I remember thinking that all unlock Blaupunkt car radio codes were four zeros, but that was as far from the truth as anything else I could think of.

These universal unlock codes were in at the time. But that time was twenty or twenty-five years ago. I don’t even know why the manufacturers bothered to set up unlock codes on these units. Everyone knows how to unlock any Blaupunkt radio because the one and the same unlock code would fit all models and Blaupunkt radio brands.

Blaupunkt Radio Code

How To Get The Right Code For Your Car Device

Today thanks to the increased security measurements, like different unlock codes for different units, fewer radio devices are stolen every year. In great measure, we have to thank for that to the alarm systems but knowing that the modern Blaupunkt radio devices have a more sophisticated unlock program keeps the thieves at bay too.

So, asking for a tool that can help you unlock your own Blaupunkt radio may sound suspicious to some. But with this solution that doesn’t matter. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. Yes, you may be a little bit forgetful, but who cares?! You forgot or lost your unlock code, it doesn’t matter. This is the one and only solution that you need to rely on.


That is the only possible way for you to retrieve your forgotten Blaupunkt radio code. So if I were you I wouldn’t miss out on this special opportunity. I say special because for a limited amount of time only. You will be able to download the Blaupunkt generator for free! Download the generator and go celebrate with your friends!

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44 thoughts on “Blaupunkt Radio Code Generator Unlock Any Car Device

  1. Hello,

    i need for my Blaupunkt Düsseldorf SQR 49
    SerialNr: BP8490K1638434
    PartNr: 7 648 490 010
    the Radio Code.

    Thanks !!!

    Best regards

  2. Hello,
    i need for my Blaupunkt – Werke GMBH
    Made in Portugal
    Serial Nr:BP5389 7 1333920
    PartNr: 7 645 389 318

  3. Hello!
    Can you help me, please? I need the code for my Blaupunkt New York 830.
    Serial Number: BP 11033 0009619
    Part number: 1011 203 820

    Best regards,

  4. Hi,

    Could you help me to find my radio code for VW
    Blaupunkt BNO 881
    7 612 002 071
    DVD: 8 618 844 888 NAV: 0212974


  5. helo i need the code for the audi concert radio cassette
    764724938 480035186 b
    auz123v3373154 mde in portugal
    it was in my a4 from 1997

  6. Witam potrzebuję kodu dla Blaupunkt z nawigacją mondeo mk4 2011r, kupiony tydzień temu i padami akumulator a nie mam kodu ,815 C7EF0791 B 5978116, 7 612 330 791, 034917 ,z góry bardzo dziękuje i pozdrawiam.

  7. Hello
    if you can help me please I need code for blaupunkt radio
    Blaupunkt WERKE GMBH – Peugeot T1 Niv2
    7 648 146 392

  8. Olá, preciso de código para Blaupunkt Kingston DJ



    Muito obrigado

  9. Hello, After much frustration I am needing a code for a Blaupunkt 520.
    Serial number: BP 8389 15477 380.
    These are all the numbers we could find.
    If you could help that would be great.

  10. Hello, After much frustration I am needing a code for a Blaupunkt 520.
    no.: 92057951
    If you could help that would be great.

    VW Golf 2002
    Radio Navigation Blaupunkt
    7 612 001 506
    BNO 881


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