Removing VW Polo Radio Guide

Taking out the VW Polo Radio Guide? Here you will learn what you need to do to complete removing the VW Polo radio! Use the correct release keys to perform a straightforward head unit/stereo removal.

Even though it looks like a straightforward plug & play fit, you require a wiring harness to sort the live configuration. VW models 1998 onwards have a slightly different wired ISO harness plug, there is another constant 12V live feed located where the usual blue elect a powered aerial booster is usually needed when fitting an aftermarket head unit to achieve a decent aerial reception. While fitting the booster, it must be taken to the blue electrical aerial/AMP remote lead on the aftermarket wiring harness to provide a 12V signal back to the antenna AMP.

Volkswagen Polo Car Stereo Removal Instructions

You are about to complete the removing VW Polo radio process:

  1. So, take off the removable face plate.
  2. Then pull the clip on the right-hand side of the middle using a small screwdriver and a Sony removal key inserted at the top of the unit, just to the left of the middle.
  3. Finally, remove the car stereo.
  4. Disconnect the aerial by releasing the connector’s trigger. It’s a Sony XR3509.
Polo Car Radio

Removing VW Polo Radio

The Bath address listed below is where you can obtain car stereo removal keys. Taking out the car stereo, so start with removing VW Polo radio procedure:

  1. Insert the removal keys into the car stereo’s side slots.
  2. To unlock the lower locks on the car stereo, raise the keys.
  3. Then remove the car stereo.
  4. Finally, to disconnect, release the aerial and the connector triggers.

DIY Radio Removal Equipment

If you don’t already have radio removal tools, you can get them online or through a nearby auto audio supplier. You can always manufacture them yourself, and we’ll show you how to do that in this session if you don’t have the time or the money to buy them. Make some tools together!

Removing VW Polo Radio Spots

Making removing VW Polo radio tools is a simple process that reduces the expense of the installation. It’s up to you to create your own. We will warn you that some radios that need this tool can be extremely temperamental, even though creating them from scratch saves money.

However, investing in removing VW Polo radio tools is preferable because they will have specialized machined notches for every distinct vehicle manufacturer. In other words, each car manufacturer utilizes a slightly different design for the primary sort of tools. So let’s get started if you’re in the mood for production!

Cheap Removal Equipment

A wire coat hanger is in use to make several removing VW Polo radio tools. Using a pair of steel cutters, first, divide the hanger’s bottom section into two pieces that are each about 5-1/2 or 6 inches long.

Use steel cutters only, as ordinary wire cutters will become damaged by the gauge or thickness of the hanger. Thumbs should be used to bend a smooth, rounded shape out of one of the two straight-cut rods. Making VW Polo radio removal tools in the key style! With the correct tools, creating homemade flat radio removal tools is simple!

For stability, we are employing a flat piece of metal in this instance, a plumber strap that is occasionally with many aftermarket radios. Removal equipment for removing VW Polo radio in the rimming style. Cut the metal strip to the right length with a pair of tin snips. The spell is complete! Cut a little angle with a pair of tin snips on the end that will fit into the radio removal port on the radio face. Holy Moly!

When it comes to the Volkswagen Polo car radio, you can find Polo codes using the calculator on our website!

Removing VW Polo Radio
Tool For Removing Radios From VW Polo

We never stated that they would be attractive only that they would function! Professional-grade tools for removing automobile audio radios. If you determine that you are not a cheapskate, you may find many sorts of radio removal tools online or at your local vehicle audio supplier. Finally, these are the most well-liked. You can see that they are all rather similar and that the cuts at the ends of the key-type removal tools vary only slightly. In the end, you know all about the removal VW Polo radio procedure!

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