Mercedes Transmission Fluid Change

Change of Mercedes transmission fluid? Here we will help you learn how to complete Mercedes transmission fluid change by yourself in your yard! The transmissions of Mercedes-Benz are considered to be permanently sealed. It is ok to change the automatic gearbox fluid and filters in new cars every 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers.

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Which Transmission Oil Type Should You Choose

Although there are claims that changing the oil will result in issues like the transmission acting up because of the difference in viscosity between the old and new fluid or that the dirt particles in the new fluid will clog the filter, the new oil has additives that can result in unneeded friction, among other things.

However, the fluid must be in another place at any of the certified Mercedes Benz repair facilities nearby if you want to prolong the life of your vehicle’s transmission.

The suggested transmission fluid is the $20 per liter MBZ ATF 236.14. When considering other solutions, it is advisable to check with your reliable dealership to ensure that the fluid you choose complies with Mercedes Benz specifications.

Mercedes Transmission Fluid Change

Mercedes Transmission Fluid Change

After applying the emergency brakes, jack up the front of the vehicle. Simply secure the front wheels on jack stands. You don’t need to jack up the other wheels.

  • Remove the 8mm bolt holding the engine undercover in place.
  • Use caution when removing the 5mm drain plug with an Allen wrench from underneath the transmission because the fluid can still be hot. Make sure you are ready with a drain pan that can handle approximately 11 quarts of oil. Having a large supply of paper towels available will also be helpful.
  • Drain the oil from the transmission oil pan and torque converter for about five minutes, or until no more oil is leaking from the pan. Some versions, particularly the ones listed below from 1999, include a window that allows access to the torque converter’s underside. Access holes are no longer present in models from the year 2000 onward.
  • Take care when removing all of the oil pan bolts because there may still be some oil in the pan.
  • Push up to install the new filter after removing the old one.
  • If the Mercedes-Benz model you own has a magnet, clean it.
  • Place the oil pan and drain plug after the new gasket has been correctly installed.
  • After adding 4 quarts of oil to the transmission, drive your car for at least five minutes.
  • Examine the transmission fluid using the designated transmission dipstick.
Mercedes Transmission Fluid Change Spot

Call a reliable specialist for services like replacing the transmission oil and filter or for professional Mercedes Benz repair!

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