Change Battery In Mercedes Key Fob

Battery replacement for Mercedes key fob in a few steps is available here in this article! Here you will get true directions on how to change battery in the Mercedes key fob! Even though Mercedes-Benz builds its cars to last, problems might nevertheless arise. Your fob can be one of these troublesome places.

Warning Message

You don’t want to ask your dealer about service hours. Have trouble finding information online? You can quit looking right now. All the details about the Mercedes-Benz key fob are provided here.

The Key Fob For A Mercedes Benz

There are now only two Mercedes-Benz models that are used.

A smart key! The smart key fob is used in older Mercedes-Benz vehicles and is often made of plastic. Both modern and vintage smart remote controls need two batteries to work. The smart key still performs all functions of smart keys despite having plastic elements. Every functionality, including locking and unlocking your car, has a button. You can also open the trunk or activate the panic alert. For keyless entry and starting/stopping your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, use a smart remote.

Toggle Key! Most likely, if you drive a recent Mercedes-Benz, you have a chrome key. Pushing a button on a chrome remote allows you to start or stop your car and gain keyless entry. To add a touch of luxury, manufacturers now produce keys with metal casings. These keys have both a modern and vintage design.

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How To Adjust Mercedes-Benz Fob Settings & Roll Down Windows

Before getting in the automobile, do you wish to roll down your closed windows? Hold down the unlock button until the windows start to roll down and your car’s lights flash. Also easily opened are vehicles with features like a sunroof or convertible top. Hold the button down longer, and they will instantly change from closed to open. Therefore it is really important to change the battery in the Mercedes key fob.

Change Battery In Mercedes Key Fob

Furthermore, many vehicles allow you to modify the settings for the key fob when you log in to the infotainment system, but you can do so directly from the car remote (no login require). Say you only want the driver’s door to open when you press the unlock button on the key fob. Lock and unlock buttons should be depressed at the same time. Want to make a change again? Continue the procedure! Send an email to your dealership for assistance if you need it.

If your fob battery dies, can you still start my car? Your remote control’s battery failed, but do you need to take your car to the dealer to acquire a new one? Not to worry. Any Mercedes-Benz may be started fast with a Start/Stop ignition. You can completely avoid going to the dealer by just changing the battery! You don’t need to call or email your dealer for assistance because we have the information on both in this article.

Change Battery In Mercedes Key Fob

Are you ready to change the battery in Mercedes key fob? Save time by opening your Smart Key and replacing its batteries by following these steps:

  • To remove the blade inside your fob, pull the sliding tab.
  • Push your key in the direction of the Mercedes fob from the other side.
  • Remove the old battery and the back casing.
  • After installing your new battery, shut the case.
Change Battery In Mercedes Benz Key Fob

Changing the Battery in a Chrome Key

To open your Chrome Key and replace its battery or batteries, please follow these instructions:

  • Find the bottom-most silver square tab.
  • If you pull the tab, the blade should release.
  • To remove the rear cover, insert your blade into the tiny space in the fob (which should be obvious when your key is out).
How To Change Battery In Mercedes Key Fob

The old battery is available once the cover it is already in another place. Replace it by removing it. You’re good to go once you close your case.

Using A Dead Key Fob To Start Your Mercedes-Benz

To travel to the dealer for further service, we’ll show you how to start Mercedes autos with a dead fob.

  • Manually open your closed driver’s door after removing the blade. Yes, the alarm will go off once your key is in the ignition, but it will still sound.
  • Take the Start/Stop button out of your car’s ignition locks.
  • Place your Smart Key in the ignition.
  • Apply the brakes and check that the transmission is in park.
  • Turn your key to start the engine, then let go of it when the engine starts.

Pay close attention to the Start/Stop button. You won’t have to look for it later if you store it in a secure location. Please call your dealer to confirm their location and business hours before leaving. If changing your fob battery makes you uncomfortable, you can save tension by hiring your dealer’s service.

How Much Does A Mercedes Key Fob Replacement Cost

How much does it cost to change the battery in a Mercedes key fob? Depending on the vehicle model, updating your fob will cost you anywhere from $150 to $600 in sales. The cost of replacing a Mercedes-Benz key is often more because you are paying for a more sophisticated security system. Most often, you’ll also need to have the remote programmed, which could increase the cost of the sale.

The Device

A new Mercedes-Benz car key fob: where can you find one? A Mercedes-Benz dealer, an online merchant, or a car locksmith can provide replacements. For information on the dealership’s service times, remote sales rates, and prospective programming fees, call them. To save money, many drivers shop online, but they carefully review the website information. Examine user reviews, study all information, and visit relevant websites to find the best offers.

If a merchant raises a lot of issues for you, it’s time to broaden your search and go elsewhere. Don’t be fooled by tempting deals with subpar quality. Replacing a key is no laughing matter.

How Can A Mercedes Key Fob Be Replaced

The quest for a new Mercedes-Benz could be challenging if your vehicle was made before 2000. Older fobs are no longer being sold by the manufacturer. To find out if your local dealer still manufactures your remote, call them first during business hours. If not, don’t get upset! We’re here to inform you of your choices. Find a local auto locksmith who specializes in European cars next. Verify that they can provide the service you need.

Can a Mercedes key fob be switch to program using a locksmith? A locksmith can frequently program your key fob much like a dealership. To make sure you can get the essential service, phone or send an email before selecting your locksmith. To program your new fob, your locksmith would need to have access to this apparatus and specialized equipment. Call them right away to learn more.


Is your fob programmable? No, unless you want to get over Mercedes security measures or have incredibly sophisticated equipment.

The Verdict Regarding The Mercedes Key Fob

Be sure to use this guide the next time you need to replace your remote! Our knowledge will guarantee that you and your Mercedes Benz automobiles can continue to move. Do you now know all about how to change the battery in the Mercedes key fob? Ask us questions if you have some issues!

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