VW Golf Radio Code Generator Free Online Service Decoder

Don’t you want to solve the VW Golf radio code problem that your car radio device have? Here you can remove this problem from your life thanks to the unlock VW Golf radio code generator service that you can have it for free. So if you want to be eligible for this tool you just need to have a computer and good internet connection.

VW Golf Radio Code

Unlock VW Golf Radio Code Generator

The unlock VW Golf radio code generator is a great online service workable for any user which have the right identity information for his locked Volkswagen car radio device.

Just pay attention to not block your locked stereo whit to many wrong unlocking attempts whit wrong Volkswagen Golf radio code. So please don’t try to much times to solve this problem unless you are sure that you have the true unlock radio code.

To use our online service you need to have this information about your locked VW Golf radio device:

  • The Golf radio serial number
  • The right car radio model
  • Year on production
  • Security number combination

There is no need for worries if you don’t know this information. Then you need to remove your Golf radio from your car and you will write down this numbers from there. You know the right four information? Great! You can start whit:

VW Golf Radio Code Generator

Unlock VW Golf Radio Code Procedure

Once you have all that you need follow the step by step guide bellow:

  1. Download the installation software for our VW Golf radio code generator,
  2. Then install it on any computer whit good internet connection,
  3. Select the year on production and right Golf radio model too,
  4. Fill your security number and serial number in the empty spots too,
  5. Then click on the unlock button,
  6. Wait some seconds,
  7. Then once you get your unlock VW radio code put it in your locked Golf device!

VW Golf Radio Codes

You must be real that this is the greatest way for unlock VW Golf radio code procedure that you ever heard. It’s free and finally there is no need to go to some local electronic store for this problem.

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138 thoughts on “VW Golf Radio Code Generator Free Online Service Decoder

  1. Hi There,

    I get a code for Blaupunkt GMBH volkswagen beta head unit.
    serial: VWZ1Z2D8451904
    other no.:6X0 035152 C


    1. more datos Konzerm2004E_CD:*VWZ4Z3 -*Eeprom:*9355093, equivalente 24lc16.*CI Salida:*(16196405)*x2, equ*TDA7376B x2.*Mecanismo:*PIONEER S10.Part:**6KE035119E,vwz4z3E4056064.thanks!! code please!!!

  2. Vin AAVZZZ6SZDU017817
    Number plate: ND 766585
    Please may I have the safe code for my radio

    Cell no 0724615333


  3. Can you please get the code for a VW radio serial number: VWZ1Z216686113
    RCD310 Blaupunkt 815 7647201360
    VW Radio LOW EU BVX
    1K0 035 186 AA

  4. Hello,
    after changing radio from RCD 300 to RCD 310 , I look for a radio code


    815 7 642 272 360
    Made is Portugal

    Could you please help me?

  5. Hello,
    i need the code for my vw radio,
    VW Gamma V
    1J0 035 186D
    SON V51 04/03
    Made in France

    Could you please help me?
    Best Regards!

  6. Hello,


    815 7 640 211 360
    Made in Portugal

    Could you please help me?

  7. I need codes for
    Part code 7612002064
    Part code A7C38207600
    Thank you

  8. Good afternoon,

    I couldn’t find a download link to the “radio Codes Calculator”. Could I have the code for a VW GAMMA radio number below please:


    Many thanks

  9. Hello friends !
    I need a code for vw alpha stereo Blaupunkt

    Thank you very much in advance, I appreciate your time and dedication to answer to all of these numerous requests !!

  10. Hello,

    Could you please send the code for RCD210 TechniSat Golf 5.
    ULVWMP3 5M0035156A serial VWZAZ1H6903555

    Thank you!

  11. Hello

    Could you please send the code for RCD210 MP3 ,1K0 035 156A, Panasonic

    serial VWZ5Z1I0035864G
    Thank you for your HELP

  12. Hello,
    please Help ,
    i need radio code
    the Serial : vwz6z3v1386979

    or if yoy sent me link to download Unlock code Software.

    thank you

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