Ford Escort Radio Code Generator

This page is intended for all readers and Ford Escort users who want to find a free solution to the Ford Escort radio code problem. Here, on our site, you have available a calculator that can generate a lost code from any Escort model, with any year of production. Below on this page, you have available all the necessary information about this tool and its operation and use.

Ford Escort Radio Code Calculator

Ford Escort Radio Code

The code we talk about in this post is unique to each different radio. This means that each separate device has its separate code that needs to be entered into the radio to bypass the front lock screen. Once you do this the radio can work again without any problem.

This code is the only possibility to activate the radio device correctly. Of course, there are different ways and methods to obtain this combination, but of course, the easiest is by using a calculator that is in correlation exactly for this type of radio device!

Warning! Don’t forget that once you’ve generated the code, write it down somewhere you’ll never forget it. Your device may be locked again in the future for several different reasons. So don’t lose this important data again.

Ford Escort Radio Code Calculator

Ford Escort radio code calculator is a special free software that is only intended for Escort models manufactured by Ford. Do not try to use it on any other Ford models as you will not get any results from it at all. Its database refers only to this model.

Ford Escort Radio Code

Check also how to unlock any other Ford radio code from another Ford model!

This calculator pulls data from the primary database where the first owner purchased the radio. So the code that comes with it is 100% correct.

How to use it

To use the Ford Escort radio code calculator you need to know the serial number of your device. As soon as you find the serial number, you can start by performing the following steps:

  • Turn on the software.
  • Enter the serial number of the Escort device you want to unlock.
  • Select the year of manufacture of the car.
  • Press the button that indicates the start of the decoding process.
Escort Radio Model

Ten to twelve minutes after completing the last step you will receive your unlock code on your screen. Finally, it’s your job to manually enter the Ford Escort radio code into the radio to unlock it! If any of you have a problem with the procedure for entering the code, feel free to write us an email or comment below on this page. That way you are qualified to receive the correct instruction for entering the code. Finally, have a nice time while you listen to music in your Ford vehicle!

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