VW Radio Code From VIN Number

We have very good news for all Volkswagen owners with a locked radio, they can finally get their VW radio code from the VIN. Of course, this procedure is very significant for all users who were previously unable to get their code using the standard procedure for returning Volkswagen radio codes!

VW VIN Radio Code Calculator

How to get VW radio code from VIN

The answer is very simple! All our readers and service users know that all our calculators and generators are very simple to use. Anyone can actually implement the few steps that do not require any special skills or knowledge. To get your VW radio code from VIN simply follow the instructions below!

VW Radio Code From VIN

Steps to get VW radio code from VIN

Just follow the guide below!

  1. First, download the VW VIN radio code calculator from the download section of this website. The functionality of the calculator has been tested on all possible operating systems from Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS, and Android, which you can use on any mobile phone, static computer, laptop, or tablet on which you have a suitable internet connection.
  2. Once you have completed the download procedure, open the calculator and install it on the device you are using. Don’t forget to check the “I agree” section. You hereby agree to the terms of use of the software. Every reader is welcome to read the terms of use, but usually, this is one procedure that almost all of us skip when we have already decided to use an application, program, or software.
  3. The installation part will create a corresponding icon on your desktop. From there, activate the software.
  4. Then, enter the VIN combination in the appropriate small window.
  5. Finally, press the “Calculate” button.
  6. After a minute or two, your unique VW radio code from the VIN combination will appear on your screen. Finally, enter the code you received thanks to your VIN into your locked radio to unlock it!
Free VW Radio Code From VIN


Finally, we still have to state and warn you that this software for obtaining VW radio code from VIN can correctly perform its intended work, only if the radio device you want to unlock is the original, first, radio device at all used in that car. If during the past years, you or another previous owner has made changes to the radio, then this calculator will not help you. So be careful, what kind of radio device it is!

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  1. we purchased a used factory radio and they included the vin #. will it work if I input the corresponding vin with the replacement radio?

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