Unlock An iPhone With A Calculator

How to answer the question: How to unlock iPhone with a calculator? A complicated question that has a very simple answer! Here on this page, we are going to offer you answers and explanations for the problem of unlocking an iPhone with a calculator!

The Problem

Most of the time, when you are in a situation to buy a new iPhone mobile phone, many buyers choose the opportunity to buy such a device with certain benefits. Usually, you will get the phone for a very low price, or you won’t pay for it at all. On the other hand, you are bound to use services from that initial company for 24 months (2 years).

iPhone Calculator

The difference between whether to buy an iPhone without signing a contract or not is not very big. Of course, you will pay for the iPhone device that you will use! If you are without a contract, you pay the entire amount at once. If you decide to use a contract, at first glance you get a free device. Then you are with the obligation to pay for two years for things that you do not need continuously. This means that although under a different remittance purpose, you are still paying for the iPhone device.

The biggest problem comes when you decide you have better carriers available. Sometimes those operators offer you better benefits. The same effect can happen to you if you decide to travel to another country where there are expensive roaming prices for talking or sending SMS messages. Then, every user wants to change the mobile operator, whose services he uses. And the problem is here!

If you try to insert a card with a phone number from another mobile operator into your iPhone, your phone will not accept it and will refuse to work with it. At this very moment, you are asking yourself the question: How to unlock an iPhone with a calculator? Fortunately, our information is at your disposal to see how to unlock an iPhone with a calculator in a very easy way!

Unlock An iPhone With A Calculator

To unlock an iPhone with a calculator you need to be aware of the following things:

  • To unlock you need an iPhone calculator that is compatible with your iPhone model.
  • The iPhone calculator is software that can only work on a computer (it cannot in use on any other mobile phone or tablet).
  • When unlocking an iPhone, the phone and the computer must be physically in connection using a USB cable.
  • During unlocking, your computer and iPhone must be in connection with the Internet (yes, both devices).
  • The process of unlocking an iPhone lasts from 30 to 50 minutes. It depends on the speed of the Internet connection that you use during the unlocking process.
How To Unlock An iPhone With A Calculator

Steps To Unlock An iPhone With Calculator

The process of unlocking an iPhone with a calculator is quite simple. There is no need to think about whether you will be able to carry out the manual part of the unlocking process individually. The process itself should be carried out in the following order:

  1. First, turn on the computer (can use any operating system).
  2. Turn off the iPhone device.
  3. Connect the disconnected iPhone device to your computer using a USB cable.
  4. Start the iPhone calculator (software) with a double left click of the mouse.
  5. When the software instructs you (message in a new window) to turn on your iPhone device, do so.
  6. Wait for the loading to complete to 100%.
  7. Click the calculate button when it becomes clickable.
  8. Wait for 30 to 50 minutes! After that you will receive your unlock code as a result of the calculation process by the iPhone calculator software.
  9. In the last check the software offers you two options. You are the ones who have to choose whether you want the iPhone calculator to complete the unlocking for you automatically* or you want to enter it manually in the well-known way.
  10. If you choose to use automatic unlock, then your iPhone will be unlocked within seconds after you select this option.

*We recommend that you use the automatically unlock option! During the manual process you may encounter a series of problems. Those problems may motivate you to start the whole process from the beginning. This will again waste 30 to 50 minutes of your time.

Unlocked Or Not

Finally, test the condition of your iPhone device. Insert a SIM card from another mobile operator. If your device accepts the card and you can make a call or send a text message successfully, then your iPhone has been successfully unlocked.

Unlock iPhone With Calculator

For now, the iPhone calculator has been tested on the iPhone 14 model and successfully unlocks it. It successfully unlocks all previous iPhone models from Apple‘s past series. We hope that here you learn how to unlock your iPhone with a calculator!

If you have a specific question you want to ask us, feel free to write a comment at the bottom of this same page!

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