Clarion Wiring Harness Color Code

Instructions to learn all about Clarion wiring harness color code and their meaning! The wiring from the radio to the vehicle’s harness is practically uniform in modern car radios. Clarion radios are no exception, except for video-based devices. The harness on audio-centric systems is also standardized and nearly identical from one model to the next.

Clarion Wires

Several aftermarket accessory manufacturers have made car radio installs easier by eliminating the need to cut any factory wire. This makes installing a Clarion car audio in almost any vehicle a breeze.

Clarion Wiring Harness Color Code Installation

Follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the Clarion stereo and car-specific harness package from the vehicle. Take note of the Clarion harness’s color coding and the vehicle’s harness’s color-coding.
  2. On both harnesses, remove the pre-cut insulation tips from each wire. To avoid shorts, twist each wire. Cover the end of the Clarion’s harness with an isolated connector. Using the wire crimp tool, crimp it.
  3. Insert the equivalent wires from the vehicle’s harness into the crimped connections’ other end. These wires are in place.
  4. Use a couple of runs of electrical tape to wrap the loose wires on the harness. Wrap enough tape around the wires until they are tightly coiled.

Are you having trouble locating the correct wire and its associated function? To assist you with your installation and aftermarket car radio troubles, below is a list of all the aftermarket car stereo wire colors and their respective functions.

Clarion Wiring Harness Color Code

Find the wires that correspond to your vehicle’s year, make, and model, and match the functions to the aftermarket wires listed below. All aftermarket radio wire harnesses are compatible with these wires (the one that plugs into the back of the radio).

Clarion Wiring Harness Color Code

In a car stereo, what color wires go together?

There was a period when the color code differed from one brand to the next, and even from one model to the next. In today’s world, cars are with universal car stereo wire color.

In most circumstances, a schematic should be included with the aftermarket stereo as well as your vehicle. If you can’t find a label, stick to the standardized aftermarket radio wire colors.
These wires can be classified into four categories based on their intended use. Let’s have a look at what the different colors mean.

  • Ground Wire: The ground wire is the only black wire.
  • Power Wires: There are three different types of power wires. The yellow wire provides a constant 12V supply, the red wire for accessories, and the orange wire with white stripes for the dimmer or lights.
  • Speakers: The speakers will be available in four different stereo wire colors, each of which will be available in two different variations: solid and striped. The grey wire with black stripes, for example, is the (-) for the right front speaker, whereas the grey wire with black stripes is the (+) for the same speaker. The white cables go to the left front speaker, the purple wires to the right rear speaker, and the green wires to the left rear speaker.
  • Antenna and Amplifier Wires: The antenna also is with the blue wire. The amplifier is with the blue wire with white stripes.
Universal Car Radio Wiring Harness Color Code

What This Mean For A Stereo, Exactly

Harnesses function similarly to adapters. Finally, this crucial equipment will make installing aftermarket audio in your vehicle a breeze. Bypassing built-in amplifiers, expanding the wire length. So, more can all be accomplished with specialized harnesses. Shortly, this is everything that you need to know about the Clarion wiring harness color code meaning!

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