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In the past, you were only dreaming about how to change the IMEI number on your cell device, but now this is a real process that any user can complete very easily. There are online tools capable to complete the IMEI changing procedure but be aware that online you can find many that aren’t good for your device.

How To Change IMEI Number

Therefore we recommend you to be careful when you choose which online changing process will use on your cell phone. Here we will present to you our change IMEI number program that is available for free downloading all over the world.

Change IMEI Number Program

To learn how to change the IMEI number please pay attention to this guide below first. You should know all parts of this process in order to complete it successfully. If you for some reason make some mistake then you can harm your cell phone.

Firstly it’s very important for you to know that this change IMEI number program can help you no meter which is your exact mobile phone brand and model. The IMEI program from this page is universal when it comes to cell phone brands.

Change IMEI

You also no need to worry about your cell phone operative system version because our tool is compatible with all Android, iOS, or Linux mobile phone programs. The tool works the same on iPhone or for example Samsung cell.

Secondly, it’s very important for you to realize that once you decide to change the IMEI on your mobile phone that you also decide to change the identity on your device. Your first IMEI number will be deleted permanently from existing databases.

Instead, you will get a new IMEI that isn’t a writer in any database yet. Once you start using some SIM card then that current carrier will write information about your cell phone device just like when you buy a completely new mobile device.

So if you accept these two real things you should start the following procedure:

Practical Guide

How to change the IMEI number practical depends on your ability to find a workable computer where you will download the program. You will also need to connect your cell phone with your PC device via USB cable. Once you are ready follow the steps below:

Change IMEI Number
  • Download the IMEI change program from our download section,
  • Then install it on your PC device where you want to use it,
  • Open it from the newest icon that you get on your desktop screen after successful installation,
  • Connect your cell phone with your PC after the opening part,
  • Once your cell will be recognized from our tool please click on the change button – the green button in the left corner,
  • On the desktop you will get message that contain your new IMEI number,
  • Then restart your cell and start to use it on any SIM card that you want!

You probably already realize that you just found the best method how to change the IMEI number for free. That is a true statement by your side! Good luck with your mobile phones!

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