Enter Radio Code Universal Process In Video Guide

Dear readers welcome to the best video guide how to enter radio code properly step by step without making any mistake. You all know that the entering radio code process can be really big problem.

How To Enter Radio Code

Therefore our team made this video guide in which you can find the right actions that you need to take in order to unlock your car radio permanently.

Watch the video careful and after that read the process explained bellow:

How To Enter Radio Code Properly

Many times in the past you or some of your friend has the problem when yours auto radio was blocked. You can’t use that device until you provide the original radio code that you must enter properly.

Enter Radio Code

The traveling without music can be really boring. Driving without music isn’t advantage especially if you are whit high temperament. Therefore our website exist to solve all current and common problems whit blocked car radio devices. From generating the right radio code to enter radio code process for each model.

In the video that you already watched above you can see the most often case in witch you need to complete the following steps:

  • Turn on your locked car radio device
  • Then enter the first number from your radio code pressing several times on the radio’s button number one,
  • After that repeat the process for the second, third and fourth numbers from your radio code,
  • At the end press the button number five,
  • This last click will rework your radio device.

The best thing that you get watching this video guide how to enter radio code is that you are now sure that you will never make to many mistakes in this entering procedure.

Enter Radio Code Process

This can be really important especially if you know that your device can be blocked permanently if you make to many wrong attempts! Good luck! Have fun!

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64 thoughts on “Enter Radio Code Universal Process In Video Guide

        1. please do you have the code for v18255 fiesta ghia 55 reg thanks, got a new battery and can’t find the code anywhere in my paperwork

  1. Men, can you help me out giving me the code?
    I tried with others websites and isn’t working
    Honda Crv Exl 2011
    Serial number: 15520978
    VIN: 3CZRE4871BG002494

  2. Hi there I need a code for a Volvo S40 stereo serial number:


    The model of stereo is a HU-605

    Thanks for any help!!

  3. Can you help me out giving me the code?
    I tried with others websites and isn’t working
    VW PASSAT 2009
    Serial number: VWZ5Z7H2273039
    VIN: WVWKB83C79P047893


  4. Добрый вечер!
    Имеется RCD310 1K0 035 186 AN Серийный номер: VWZ4Z2N1356647
    Нужен код. В документах его не было.
    Заранее спасибо!
    Ё-mail: serg_w@list.ru

  5. Hello I need the code for a Peugeot 206 cc already error 4 on the display
    Serial no. CL0410z0189230
    Model PU-2325A

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